Dershowitz, the Original Martha’s Vineyard Outcast: Why I’m Defending Mike Lindell, the Pillow Guy

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Lifelong liberal Democrat attorney Alan Dershowitz has agreed to represent Mike Lindell after the FBI ambushed the Pillow Guy a little less than two weeks ago at a Hardee’s in rural Minnesota, took his phone, and issued a subpoena regarding an investigation into Lindell’s involvement in an alleged election security breach in Colorado. Dershowitz explains in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed why he would defend such an obvious criminal mastermind:


I disagree with My Pillow founder Mike Lindell about a lot of things, including his belief that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. I’m a liberal Democrat; he is a conservative Republican. Yet I am enthusiastically representing him in his lawsuit against the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation over the recent search and seizure of his telephone.

In addition to his op-ed, Dershowitz has been making the rounds on Fox News, and also discussed his decision on his own podcast, The Dershow:


His main line of reasoning used to be a common view among Americans: it’s fine to spar with your political opponents, but it’s not OK to use the vast powers of the federal government to quash them. That’s banana republic stuff—yet that’s exactly what we’ve been witnessing since Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland began waging his vindictive war on Republicans aligned with former president Donald Trump. Dershowitz:

It is important for Democrats who support Joe Biden’s legitimate presidency and object to Mr. Trump’s violations of constitutional norms to resist unconstitutional efforts by Mr. Biden’s administration and supporters to abuse the law, particularly the criminal-justice system, against our political opponents.

Before Martha’s Vineyard was in the news for throwing out the Venezuelan migrants that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew to the island in a show of defiance of the Biden Administration’s failed immigration policies, the elite haven canceled Dershowitz for daring to defend Trump. It would seem the most progressive among us have a tolerance issue.


For the crime of repping Trump during the second impeachment trial, Dershowitz was uninvited from his yearly speaking gig at the Chilmark library, and he was yelled at by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” creator Larry David in a grocery store. Worse still, he was no longer invited to the island’s famed cocktail parties. Yes, I know there’s a certain je ne sais quois hilarity to a liberal being persona non grata on Martha’s Vineyard; yet the whole episode shows the intolerance of those supposedly more woke than the rest of us.

Dershowitz continues:

it’s essential to keep politics out of the justice system—for principled Democrats and Republicans alike to advocate strict compliance with constitutional norms, regardless of whose ox is being gored…

In my view as a lifelong civil libertarian, the Justice Department went too far in seeking a search warrant against Mr. Trump’s property at Mar-a-Largo…

I also believe the department exceeded its constitutional authority by seeking and executing a search warrant against Mr. Lindell’s telephone, which gives investigators access to his computer files and other private and business data…

If the Trump administration had done to a prominent Democratic supporter precisely what the Biden administration has done to Mr. Lindell, many Democrats would be outraged and support judicial relief. But today few Democratic lawyers will represent Trump Republicans whose constitutional rights have been violated. This is a tragedy that endangers the neutrality of our Constitution and the legal profession. [Emphasis mine.]


There’s no question Dershowitz loves attention—get in between the Dersh and a camera at your own peril. And yet, I applaud Dershowitz for what he’s doing. Law has been thrown out the window, oppression has become the norm, and it’s important to see at least one Democrat say, “this is not right.” We should respect Dershowitz, warts and all, for his willingness to take a stand while so many others stand by and watch Biden and the out-of-control Department of Justice wreak havoc on our nation. Dershowitz proclaims: “I will continue to defend the Constitution equally on behalf of Democrats and Republicans.”

At least someone from the Left will.


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