School Calls Cops on Maskless 4-Year-Old, Former Levi's Exec Jennifer Sey Has Thoughts

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Officials at the Mountain View Whisman School District in California called police Thursday on a little boy who refused to wear a mask, his father said. The father, who gave his name as Shawn (and didn’t want his last name used) said of his son’s reaction:


He basically looked like a PTSD victim. He was inconsolable for about two hours.


The boy recently started transitional kindergarten in the San Francisco suburb of Mountain View and had begged his father to not make him wear a mask. Here’s how events unfolded according to the videotape Shawn took of the incident. From Fox News:

The confrontation occurred Thursday when Shawn took his son to school and recorded a video of the unmasked boy on campus. The footage shows Theuerkauf Elementary School Principal Michelle Williams trying to explain why the boy must be removed from campus…

“I want him here, but it is our district’s policy that students have to wear a mask,” she is heard saying. “He is a lovely child. We are here to support and serve him.”

The boy is seen running past her to class before being escorted out.

“I cannot keep spending time on this same issue… I’m going to have you removed from campus if you don’t leave at this time,” Williams says before an officer is called.


The boy and his father left soon after speaking with the officer. The school board met later that day and voted to relax the mask mandate and move toward a “mask-optional” policy. They explained the reversal by noting that case numbers had lowered, but you can be sure they had this embarrassing national incident on their minds.

Former Levi Strauss executive and mother of four Jennifer Sey appeared Saturday on Fox and Friends Weekend to criticize the ridiculous misuse of force:

I think it’s illustrative of the fact that we’ve put the most onerous restrictions on very small children all the way up to young adults since the very beginning We treat them as if they’re the most dangerous among us, when the fact is they’re least at risk from serious illness.

Sey famously walked away from her job as a senior executive at Levi’s in February. Although the former championship gymnast was being considered for the chief executive job at the company, she quit when management pressured her to stop tweeting about her opposition to mask mandates and CDC guidance. To explain her decision, she wrote a widely-read essay on Bari Weiss’ Substack called “Yesterday I Was Levi’s Brand President. I Quit So I Could Be Free.”


Sey wasn’t done:

A four-year-old is learning to speak, learning to connect with his peers — and a mask impedes that. You can work at Google, and there’s no vax mandate anymore. And you don’t have to wear a mask [there]. But a four-year-old gets kicked out of preschool.

Host Will Cain asked Sey why there were mask mandates for schools still in effect at some schools around the country after we’ve learned that they are not very effective and caused great emotional damage to children. Sey can’t wrap her head around it:

It’s completely baffling to me …

We just have treated children — we’re obsessed with children being the risk factor, the major risk factor.  And I don’t understand it. Because they have the most to lose from these ongoing restrictions as well — developmentally, educationally, emotionally.

Some might note that the father in the video knew what he was doing when he brought his maskless child to school fully aware that the kid wouldn’t be allowed in. But I would argue that it was justified because he was fighting the absolute madness detailed in this thread about that school’s board and its policies.


Sey is now working on a documentary about the huge negative impacts that lockdowns and school closures caused for kids. I for one, can’t wait to see it, because I believe that mask mandates, lockdowns, and all the other COVID madness imposed on us by health authorities severely damaged the nation’s children emotionally and educationally, and the true effects won’t be truly known for years. Calling the police on a boy illustrates the depths some have gone with their COVID mania, and I applaud Jennifer Sey for continuing to speak out about it.


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