Tulsi Gabbard Shreds Kamala Harris Over Hypocritical Position on Brittney Griner

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Former Hawaii Democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who, in one of the greatest presidential debate takedowns in history ruined the hopes of then-candidate Kamala Harris, continues to go after the Vice President for her duplicitous approach to justice. Harris said that basketball player Brittney Griner, currently sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison on a marijuana conviction, is being held in a “wrongful detention” and should be “released immediately.”


However, Harris has a history of zealously prosecuting low-level drug charges, was an outspoken critic of marijuana legalization during her days as California Attorney General, and has not spoken out with such passion about those imprisoned in the U.S. on similar convictions.

Gabbard took her to task on Fox News Friday:

She says in the above clip:

Another note of hypocrisy coming from Kamala Harris and this administration is you mentioned during her illustrious record as attorney general in California…she kept prisoners in prison longer than their sentences…

She was responding to a statement of support for Griner tweeted by Kamala on August 4, which said:

With today’s sentencing, Russia continues its wrongful detention of Brittney Griner. She should be released immediately. @POTUS and I, and our entire Administration, are working every day to reunite Brittney, as well as Paul Whelan, with loved ones who miss each of them dearly.


Gabbard wasn’t having it:

Where is your outrage for your fellow Americans who are sitting in prison today here in the United States of America for minor marijuana violations? How come you are not fighting as hard for them to be returned home and reunited with their families as you are for Brittney Griner?

Nine years for carrying a cannabis vape pen is a lot, but anyone who’s heard of the movie Midnight Express understands that other countries are not the USA. My bet is the Russians know they have a tradeable asset and will soon come to a deal with the Biden Administration on a prisoner swap.

Gabbard further accuses the VP of having a different standard:

Unfortunately, like too many politicians, it seems that she puts her finger to the wind and decides the things she’s supposed to be angry about on any given day and if it becomes politically inconvenient or damaging then she’ll switch the other way.

This isn’t the first time Tulsi has crossed paths with Harris. As I mentioned, she pretty much single-handedly dealt a death blow to Kamala’s 2020 presidential run with this viral debate moment:


Tulsi wasn’t the only one piling on. Lots of tweets like this can be found:

Brittney Griner’s nine-year sentence does seem draconian, but Gabbard is absolutely right for calling out Harris on her hypocritical positions over time. Kamala’s convictions, like those of her boss Joe Biden, change with the prevailing political winds.


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