The Conway Show: Kellyanne and George Hit the Airwaves With Vastly Different Narratives

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Former senior counselor to then-President Trump Kellyanne Conway and her Never Trump husband George took to the airwaves on rival networks in the last two days, and their outlook on the country could not be more different.


Conservative attorney and former member of the disgraced Lincoln Project George Conway struck first, appearing with Jake Tapper on CNN Sunday to rant about Trump’s “multi-faceted conspiracy” to shut down an election and overthrow democracy on January 6, 2020:

The fact of the matter is … this was an attempted coup; this was an attempt to overthrow democracy.  It was an attempt to stop, dead in its tracks, on Jan. 6, the peaceful transition of power — and that’s a coup..

It was a multi-faceted criminal conspiracy led by the president of the United States to stop — by whatever means necessary — the proper counting of electoral votes under the 12th Amendment.

Despite his histrionics, George went on to explain that no new “bombshells” would be required to prove the conspiracy. All lawmakers need to do is “lay out the things that what we have seen come out over the last 17 months and lay it out in an orderly and compelling fashion.”

His wife Kellyanne took to Fox News’s The Faulkner Focus the next day to emphasize her disdain for the performance of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris:

They are so disconnected from the American people. They don’t even show up at a small business. They don’t give a speech. He literally goes to the beach. Vice President Harris is nowhere on the weekends….

Look at her public schedule, America, you pay for her, and she’s really nowhere on the weekends in terms of her official duties.


On Saturday I told you the story of how Biden is the most highly-vacationed president at this point in his term in presidential history. Where was he last weekend? At the beach, natch.

Kellyanne wasn’t done, though, teeing off on Joe’s handling of the economy:

But it’s only about 56% of Democrats saying they approve of his handling of inflation, 51% on gas prices. So even members of his own party are saying, wake up, Joe Biden. Tell us what’s happening. All these reports now, he’s upset that there aren’t enough people on TV talking on his behalf, that they’re costing him.

It’s not a messaging problem, folks. It’s a fact problem.

Kellyanne is coming off the release of her new book, Here’s the Deal, in which she rips Tony Fauci, Jared Kushner, and husband George, but praises Trump. (Trump did not extend her the same courtesy.)

The dueling Conways are quite the spectacle, but it’s hard to imagine how their marriage survives. Already they’ve stopped wearing their wedding rings. In her book, she writes:

For the first time since George and I had gotten serious, I was looking at the possibility that the man who had always had my back might one day stab me in it.

Imagine feeling that way about the person you have to sleep next to. She goes on to describe how she felt like George was having an affair—but with Twitter, not with another woman. George meanwhile has been up to his usual antics, obsessively tweeting about the January 6 Committee:


It makes one miss Mary Matalin and James Carville, political opposites who disagreed strongly yet managed not to hate each other:

Carville and Matalin were able to keep their differences peaceful, and in fact, have been married since 1993 and have two kids. Heck, they were so entertaining that Hollywood made a romantic comedy called Speechless about them.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone ever making a comedy about George and Kellyanne. While it’s hard to stop watching the spectacle, like a slow-motion train wreck, it’s also a little sad.



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