Hollywood Star and Environmental Whacktivist Mark Ruffalo Says Ukraine War 'a Gift' to Climate Change Advocates

Hollywood celebrities have a long and storied history of uttering ridiculous things, but Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo hit a new low on Tuesday when he said the Ukraine war was “a gift” for climate change activists. The Putin-led carnage has been a “gift” to no one and has resulted in thousands of deaths and the destruction of entire cities. Yet somehow, this is a good thing to Ruffalo.


This is actually a pretty sick take. Imagine telling a Ukrainian mother holding her dying baby that at least it might now be easier to get a solar panel bill passed, or subsidize a windmill farm.

Ruffalo appeared on MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports to spout:

This is a moment for President Biden to take this — our momentum, people’s fear, their disgust at the war, their disgust with energy prices — and use that to solidify a message to the American people that now is the time to transition, this is where the jobs are, this is where the national security is, and we are going to push him to do it. And this is a gift to the president, as we see it. And we see him accepting it in such terms.

The most disturbing part about this is how gleeful he appears to be. How can you be elated over war? He really gets happy at around the :38 second mark in the video:

He had been touting a similar message earlier this month:

“It’s time to unite for #CleanEnergyFreedom,” Ruffalo tweeted on Earth Day last week. “[President Biden] can strengthen national security, lower energy prices, create jobs & avert climate disaster through clean energy independence.”

What exactly is he asking Biden to do? Snap his fingers and magically solve the problem? Issue yet another executive order, demanding someone invent the perfect energy source by next week so we can finally make Greta Thunberg happy?


The problem, as with so many of these passionate cries for an immediate transition, is that we simply don’t have the technology to change overnight to clean, affordable, renewable energy. Yes, it’s a worthy goal, and let’s pray we get there—but we’re not there yet. An MIT professor sums it up succinctly at the university’s Climate Portal website:

“Unfortunately, these are not solved problems,” says Desiree Plata, MIT Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. “While we do have the technology to make a lot of systems nearly carbon neutral, none of these systems can run the same way they do today and the cost to implement [some of today’s solutions] is prohibitively high.”

We can continue to limit our own oil and gas production, even though we have tremendous resources, but that simply shifts the production burden to dictatorships in the Middle East or… Russia. Yes, Biden talks a big game about Russia, seemingly daydreaming that he could do to Putin what he did to Corn Pop, but the truth is, until March, we were still buying from the warmongering nation and effectively funding their invasion.

Ruffalo joins a long list of Hollywood celebs jetting into exotic locations to push climate change reforms. As I said, these goals are worthy, but their rhetoric is anything but. On a recent Jim Jefferies Show podcast, Brad Pitt made an appearance:

Taking on the role of a concerned weatherman, he offered a grim outlook on the weather – when asked about a future forecast, Weatherman Pitt grimly responded, “There is no future.”


There is no future. What a great message.

What’s this kind of talk doing to our children? Hint: it’s turning them into guilt-ridden, anxiety-plagued blobs of fear. As even NPR reports:

For many young people, those feelings of fear and worry affect their ability to function, too, results showed. More than 45% of the respondents said the way they feel about climate change adversely affects their day-to-day lives.

The goal of renewable cheap energy may be noble, but Ruffalo’s use of a vicious war to prove his point is beyond the pale and proves once more that Hollywood is deeply, deeply out of touch.


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