Did Obama's FBI Want Us All Dead? — Pamela Geller


Pamela Geller reports that the FBI not only knew about the planned attack on her 2015 “Draw Mohammad” contest in Garland Texas, but one of their covert agents may actually have urged it on: “The FBI knew about the impending attack, one of their agents told [Elton] Simpson to ‘Tear up Texas,’ and an accomplice of Simpson was even communicating with the undercover agent at the time of the attack,” said Ms. Geller, quoting The Daily Beast.


The Beast’s Katie Zavadski also revealed that the undercover agent was at our free speech event in Garland, where Simpson and Nadir Soofi attempted a jihad massacre,” wrote Ms. Geller in a Breitbart article.


It’s possible the agent may have even passed security data to the terrorist.


The Beast reported that this accomplice ‘asked the undercover officer about the Draw Muhammad event’s security, size, and police presence, during the event, according to an affidavit filed in court. The affidavit does not specify what the undercover responded to questions about size and security.’ Why not? Why weren’t the agent’s answers released?”


You can read the affidavit here.


In response to the alleged “Tear up Texas” incitement, the terrorist said:

“U know what happened in Paris,” Simpson responded. “So that goes without saying… No need to be direct.”


Even that nutcase thought the undercover agent had gone too far. The agent could be more properly termed “a provocateur” – one who mixes with protestors to spur them to violence.


The FBI knew about the attack in advance, said Geller, but only notified the Garland police three hours before the attack. She charged the Obama Administration may have wanted to teach a lesson:


“It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the Obama FBI wanted me and the other speakers at the event dead. Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders was the keynote speaker; he has been living with armed guards for years for supposedly “insulting Islam.” My colleague Robert Spencer has received numerous death threats from Muslims. Cartoon contest winner Bosch Fawstin drew Muhammad. Did Obama’s pro-Islam FBI want us all dead?”


“If people had died at our Garland event, the murders would have had a blood-chilling effect on the freedom of speech in America. That, in my view, appears to have been what the Obama administration wanted – and certainly that’s what the enemedia wanted in the wake of our event, as it gleefully and relentlessly blamed us for violating Sharia blasphemy laws and getting shot at.”


“The Future Must Not Belong to those Who slander the Prophet of Islam,” said President Obama, in a 2012 UN address. This statement flies in the face of our First Amendment.


The Daily Beast reported: “The texts were included in the indictment … of Erick Jamal Hendricks of Charlotte, North Carolina. He was charged with conspiring to provide material support to ISIS. The 35-year-old tried to recruit other Americans to form an ISIS cell on secret compounds and introduced an undercover agent to one of the Draw Muhammad attackers, according to the FBI.”


Hendricks was also known as “Mustafa” and “Abu Harb” (“Father of War”), said the affidavit.


“If you see that pig [Pamela Geller] make your ‘voice’ heard against her,” Hendricks allegedly told the undercover agent,” who was masquerading as a fellow terrorist.


“Shortly after that exchange,” wrote The Beast, “Simpson and his accomplice, Nadir Soofi, drove up to the contest and opened fire on police officers, injuring one of them slightly. Both men were killed in the altercation, but Hendricks would remain free for another year.”


In an interesting side note to those who think we need only exclude terrorists when vetting would-be Muslim immigrants, Hendricks texted this to the undercover agent:


“Hij rah is not what senior people requested me.” He split the word in order to confuse possible eavesdroppers; the word actually is Hijrah, Mohammad’s command to his followers to spread Islam everywhere. Terror was the tactic that day, but another tactic is Hijrah: to flood their enemies’ nations with Muslim Immigrants. And of course, all non-Muslims are considered their enemies.


This is total war on two fronts, by Islam. Too bad our politicians and the Republican candidate have no idea of this.

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