Water Cooler 6/1/2019 – Open Thread – More Annoying Stories

I’ve continued to be negligent getting Saturday’s WC’s out. No feel-good stories today – all these annoyed me no end.

Was Saul Anuzis always this stupid?


I don’t usually watch nightly talking-head shows, but I happened to catch the former MI GOP chair on Laura Ingraham a few nights ago. I can’t find a link or video about it, but the topic was the popular vote nonsense. He agreed that his efforts are funded by hard-core liberals but disagrees that he is trying to get rid of the electoral college. He says his efforts will ensure the flyover states are not ignored.

He is either dishonest or ignorant. The NPV jazz is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. It will make the problem he claims to fix 100x worse. Think about it – CA has more people than the dozen smallest reddish states. Why would any Democrat candidate worry about those states at all if he could go to NYC, LA, and Chicago, and say, “You know how your state will vote, so don’t sit the election out. We need you to get out and vote so we can steal the votes of Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, Mississippi, Alabama, and a few others by racking up the popular vote in your liberal enclave.”

I’m sick to death of student loan sob stories

Here is one a liberal friend jumped on recently: 3 million senior citizens in the US are still paying off their student loans

Sounds promising – Senior citizens working hard for decades to pay off their college loans right? Well not quite. They only gave one example.


Seraphina Galante, a 76-year-old who received her master’s degree from San Diego State University 19 years ago, told CBS News that she still owes nearly $40,000.

“I was very confident that … I would pay it back, you know, in due time,” Galante said. “We grow older and then we get more senior. That’s reality of life.”

They don’t say what her master’s degree was in, but who in their right mind decides in their mid-50s that it would be a great idea to borrow north of $40K to go get some crap degree? The amount of sympathy I have for her fits between these two lines: ||

Did I mention I was sick of student loan sob stories?

I don’t give a crap about stupid kids and their stupid parents who decide to borrow tens of thousands for student loans for international studies or gender studies or SJW wokeness or whatever degrees who can’t get jobs because they are stupid and have worthless degrees, so they fly all over the world doing feel-good work like helping train future Chinese spies and skipping out on their loans. They can kiss my @$$.

Is Hillary EVER going to go away?

She showed up in Houston last week to screech her usual “I’m still pissed off at all these people who didn’t vote for me solely because they hate women” diatribe. That would be unremarkable, but what caught my eye was the usual liberal lack of self-awareness.


She said organizers claimed it was the largest event they’d ever had, and perhaps the biggest gathering of Democrats in the state’s history.

Seriously? Harris County (i.e. Houston) has tons of liberals. In the last mayoral election, more than 100K people voted in the runoff … for the Republican … who lost. If they could only round up 1,500 suckers to go listen to this Hillary rant it only shows how even liberals can no longer stomach her. To say it was the biggest rally ever in TX is completely dishonest or absolutely pathetic or both.

BTW while there, she looked for a worthwhile photo-op. Man if only she would jump into the 2020 race!

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