Water Cooler 6/18/2019 – Open Thread – Is it a fetus or a baby?

Liberals are usually very careful not to call unborn babies “babies”. They are “lumps of cells”, “fetuses”, “tadpoles”. Okay maybe not “tadpoles” but certainly not “babies”.


But the Chicago Tribune blew it
Check out the headline and opening paragraph from this article about a horrendous crime that I did not expect would get any MSM coverage.

The Marlen Ochoa-Lopez slaying: Mother and daughter charged with strangling teen mom, cutting baby from womb

A mother and her daughter have been charged in the killing of a 19-year-old pregnant woman who was strangled before her baby boy was cut from her womb, a horrific crime authorities said may have been committed because they wanted to keep the child.

Compare and Contrast
Cutting a baby from her womb? Hmmm… The party line is supposed to be that unless it leaves the womb as part of a birth, then it was never a “baby”. Remember that people like Obama and Gov Northam believe that if a baby non-baby survives an abortion attempt, it is perfectly okay to kill it directly or indirectly outside the womb.

So in this Chicago case, if they cut a baby from her womb, then it was a baby before the crime was committed right? I don’t see how else you can interpret it. It’s not like they cut out a random lump of cells and then voila! it suddenly turned into a baby to everyone’s amazement.


Why Democrats fear this type of story
You’ve probably noticed before that Democrats fight tooth and nail against anything and everything that humanizes pre-born babies, be it heartbeat bills, pain bills (those only apply to state executions), bills that call it a double murder if you kill a mom and her unborn baby, etc.

They must toe the line on this to avoid any chance of going down the slippery slope of admitting that it’s a damn baby for God’s sake!!

We should thank the Trib for accidentally drifting off the plantation on this one and celebrate their accurate description of this despicable act.

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