Water Cooler 5/4/2018 – Open Thread – Two stories about annoying liberals

Oops – “annoying liberals” is redundant.

At this rate…
Eventually we’re going to see a Democratic white male presidential candidate who steals from charities. Not satisfied with trying to ruin NYC, Bill de Blasio is getting ready to toss his hat in the ring.


Now get this…. Hizzoner makes over $20k/month. Last year he tripled his charitable donations … to a whopping $87.50/month. Seriously, if I was that damn cheap I wouldn’t list any charitable donations at all – I’d just say I forgot to compile it. A quarter-million a year in his salary and he donates less than $3/day of it. And that doesn’t even count whatever other income he has. Absolutely pathetic.

Union bosses…
These guys always love the most traditional Democratic candidates. The firefighters led the way, announcing about 0.1 ns after Biden announced that they were endorsing him, so we’ll get to a bunch of yellow-shirted plants every time Biden is on camera.

The union execs’ priorities are: 1) padding their wallets, 2) donating union dues to Democrats, and somewhere way down the line is protecting their members. We saw that last part this week when the Machinists Union came out hard against retirement benefit cuts. Oh wait, did I say that? What actually happened is that, despite being nearly fully funded, they slashed future retirees’ benefits by 40%.


I’m not sure which is more pitiful: that they are blaming the stock market (WTF?) or that they’re using an Obama plan to pull it off. Oh, and it will force employers to contribute more, even though it’s already 89% fully funded. My head hurts just trying to make enough sense of this to be able to type it up.

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