Water Cooler 4/27/2018 – Open Thread – Sports Videos

No NFL draft news from me; just some other sports-related things.

Remember the Rams-Saints crap non-call?
Gotta love Drew Brees….
Remember the Rams-Saints crap non-call? Part Deux

Now we have the next closest thing in the NHL playoffs. The refs did not signal a penalty when this happened, but based on the result they figured Eakin had to cross-check Pavelski in the face. But he didn’t.
Vegas was cruising with a 3-0 lead in game 7 with 10 minutes left. San Jose scored FOUR goals during the five-minute major penalty and won in overtime after Vegas tied it up. The NHL later agreed it was a bad call. One of the Sharks even mentioned the Saints after the game.
Do we wish the GOP dealt with the press like this?
There are a ton of these from hockey interviews. I’m sure there are some from other sports as well, but these are great.

Any of you ever play soccer?
If not you won’t appreciate this. Check out the slo-mo from behind near the end of this video. Eriksen nails this shot 25+ yards before it skips past the goalie. It only makes maybe one-third of a rotation along the way. Beautiful – shots like that look like knuckle balls in baseball. It takes amazing talent and touch to do this.

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