Water Cooler 3/16/2018 – Open Thread – Quick Hits

A few links with brief comments for your enjoyment as we gear up for the massive cultural misappropriation that will take place tomorrow.

SNL plagiarism?
That’s what a NY comedy pair are claiming. Well when your writers have written about 10 minutes’ worth of genuinely funny sketches in the past 25 years, I guess desperation sets in.


Another good move by Trump on Israel
I’m surprised we haven’t heard lots of gnashing and wailing from the left on this. I’m sure the next Democratic President will undo all that Trump has done, but in any case admitting that the Golan Heights is not “occupied” territory is a nice step.

Losers gonna lose
Stacey Abrams still insists she won the GA gubernatorial election. O’Rourke/Abrams would make a good 2020 ticket. Get a token black woman to offset Beto’s Hispanic white male privileged-ness and they can share that they both lost historic elections as they head into another historic election.

CA loves abortions
The elected officials there are stupid enough I expect this will pass. It amounts to having the phone number of the nearest abortion clinic on students’ ID cards. They might as well take it a step further and include an Uber voucher good for a free round trip to the nearest abortion clinic while they’re at it. Heck, toss in a voucher for the state to cover the abortion too.


Part of why RBG is clinging to her seat?
Of course we know she wants a liberal to appoint her replacement. The current split is helping CJ John “maintain the status quo” Roberts vote with the liberals more and more. If she retired and there was a 5-3 split of the AJs, might Roberts would be more likely to join 6-3 decisions? He loves to make rulings as narrow as possible (which is fine). I expect he would like more 6-3 decisions than 5-4 ones. I wonder how much more conservatively he would have voted over these years were he not the Chief Justice.

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