Water Cooler 2/23/2018 – Open Thread – More Unhinged Liberals

I’ve been lagging on doing Saturday’s water coolers. Today I’m back touching on a few stories that piqued my interest this week. I hope you enjoy any of these you hadn’t seen already.


LGBT mob: Either you’re with us 100% or screw you
If you’re close to my age and someone asks you who the most famous gay athlete of all time was, you might say Martina Navratilova. Even she is not safe from the group she has belonged to and supported for so long. Like all Democrats, they utilize an all or nothing mentality. She is now a pariah because she had the gall to say that men have an advantage when competing against women in athletics.

LGBT mob: Wait, it gets worse
If you thought the previous article proved the hypocrisy of today’s LGBT movement, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump’s openly gay ambassador to Germany is trying to drum up criticism of some countries – such as Iran – for things like tossing gay people off buildings, while leaving other countries – such as Saudi Arabia – off the list. If the LGBT ‘leaders’ were sane, they might call this “progress”; but since it involves Trump, they call it “racist”.

Speaking of mobs…
You won’t be surprised to hear that Antifa’s occupation of Portland is alive and well. Their latest outrage: A cop’s job who is coordinating with protest groups did just that with a group that Antifa hates. Their solution is obvious: disband the police force. Then again, if Portland’s mayor continues to let Antifa run wild, I suppose it’s a moot point.


Speaking of psychos…
Jeez, even left-wing outlets who loved Amy Klobuchar during the Kavanaugh debacle are jumping on the bandwagon to drop staff horror stories. The latest: one of her aides servants got her a salad at an airport but forgot the plastic fork. (Maybe the poor b*st*rd had seen something saying single-use plastic forks were killing sea turtles.) Klobuchar did what you or I would have done: she pulled a comb out of her purse, ate with it, and ordered her slave to clean the comb.

Selective reporting on the ‘ISIS bride’
You’ve seen stories about how Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump are (no pun intended) trumping up false claims that Hoda Muthana, who has spent years fomenting terrorism against Americans, is not a US citizen and thus cannot return. (Why she can’t just walk across the Mexican border like other foreign terrorists is beyond me.) While grilling Mike Pompeo about being a racist, none of these crack reporters (or is it reporters on crack?) have mentioned the inconvenient truth (apologies to Al Gore) that it was the Obama administration that declared she was not a citizen.

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