Water Cooler 1/26/2018 – Open Thread – Two Stories that Hit Close to Home for Me

For today’s WC here are two stories that flew under the radar for the most part. Once hits close to home where I’ve lived for more than half my life and the other where I was born and raised.


Closing the case on the Austin bomber
Earlier this month, the FBI closed the Austin bomber case that began nearly a year ago without finding any connections to any ideology or group. Some people are just sick and evil. To be clear, I just meant the closing of the case got little coverage – the case at the time got plenty of coverage of course.

This local news piece includes interviews with three of the amazing APD SWAT team members and has more info on how the chase ended.

Being a Saints fan and Drew Brees’s priorities
Having grown up in New Orleans, I’ve always been a Saints fan. They were a joke for decades but finally turned things around, winning a Super Bowl a few years after Katrina. Then came Bountygate and all that nonsense which led to a few lean years. Last year the Saints did well, then had the Minnesota Miracle break hearts. As you may recall, the Saints were ahead at the Vikings as the clock wound down. The Vikings were in Hail Mary mode, and on a real rainbow of a pass the Saints DB got there too early. He avoided pass interference that would have almost surely handed the game to Minnesota, but the receiver turned it into a TD catch to end the game.


This year the Saints had the #1 NFC seed, so were home in the Dome. On a play late in the tied game, a Rams player committed pass interference on 3rd down that would have allowed the Saints to run out the clock and kick a game-winning FG had it been called. It was absolutely devastating. The Saints had to kick a FG while the Rams had time to send it to OT where they ended up winning.

So what did Saints QB Drew Brees do after this heartbreaking and undeserved loss? He did what he always does – go out on the field and play with his kids. Kudos to him!

Welcome to RedState’s only daily open thread! Enjoy!


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