Water Cooler 1/12/2018 – Open Thread – A Funeral in Austin

I’ve been so busy lately I’ve missed two of the past three Saturdays. Keeping it short today with a story that gots lots of local coverage but perhaps not so much elsewhere.


Richard Overton
Mr Overton was the oldest living WWII vet when he passed away shortly after Christmas at age 112. That is not a typo – he was the oldest American man at the time of his passing. He was 36 when he enlisted in the Army in 1942. He built a home in Austin when he returned from the service in 1948 and lived there until he died 70 years later.

Whiskey, women, and cigars
He was quite an interesting character. Here is one of a large pile of articles from one of the local TV stations.

Overton celebrated his 100th birthday in 2006, with friends, family and KXAN there. He told us then he loved whiskey, women and smoking 12 cigars a day.

But he didn’t let his age stop him.

Overton continued driving, smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and attending church several times a week into his old age.

His services
His funeral service took place a couple of hours ago. You would have thought he was an ex-President.

Speakers at his funeral included Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and four-star US Army General John M. “Mike” Murray. Parts of the main highway thorough Austin were shut down for the procession to the Texas State Cemetery.

Rest in peace Mr Overton. You done good.

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