Water Cooler 11/17/2018 – Open Thread – Odds and Ends

I haven’t done one of these water cooler random collections of links in a while. I hope you find something interesting here. Feel free to add any that struck your fancy recently.


WaPo admits Florida vote fraud was insufficient
Well they did manage to steal the race for Agriculture Commissioner, but otherwise it’s a bust. Time to ratchet up the rhetoric from Georgia about how the horrible GOP is stealing seat after seat.

More non-existent voter fraud
In this case it was to sway local elections in a Texas border town, but they might as well vote for up-ticket Democrats while they’re at it.

What could go wrong?
Remember Chris Christie’s huggable Obama moment? How about a threesome of Donald Trump, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom? Yeah it’s supposed to happen. I think they’ll need to tour the damage in one of these to have room to fit their three heads.

Today’s WTF moment
This one boggles the mind. Two young girls were found horribly mistreated in a city near me. The mother was arrested. And then the father. Who now identifies as a woman.

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