Water Cooler 10/27/2018 – Open Thread – Racism?

Like most of you, I’m sick of hearing about racism like we usually do. This week’s news featured NBC finally getting rid of Megyn Kelly for talking about blackface as part of an innocent Halloween costume. Oh the horror, unlike card-carrying liberals actually wearing blackface. But bear with me – I happened across these two articles this week and they are actually interesting stories related to racism.


Louisiana and felony juries
I thought felony convictions, or at least the most serious ones, needed unanimous verdicts to get a conviction. That’s not the case in Louisiana. The reason: racism. No, I’m not joking.

Louisiana has an item on November’s ballot to require unanimous convictions for felonies. After the Louisiana Purchase, the state had that requirement. But during Reconstruction, white Democrats known as Redeemers – I grew up in LA and never heard that term before – got the law changed so that 9-3 sufficed. This resulted in more convictions, which was convenient because “convict leasing” was the next best thing to slavery. Current law requires 10-2.

Netflix ads
If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you know how they bug the crap out of you with ads. Well it turns out that if they think you are a black subscriber, they go overboard making “white” movies look like they have more significant black storylines than they actually do. You have to see the examples in that article to believe it.


I found both of these interesting and hope you did too. Got any weird twists on racism or anything else you want to share?

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