Water Cooler 10/6/2018 – Open Thread – Getting a few chuckles out of the Kavanaugh debacle

There are some great videos here. I wish I knew how to embed them directly, but I’m not a twitter user much less a guru.

The first one has some woman coaching protesters, who are repeating her words like robots. I guess she’s hoping to turn them into the kids from “The Village of the Damned” so they can start killing anyone who’s not liberal.

Skip the second one. Some pony-tailed white dude is cuing up a white mob to yell at Kennedy.

The third one is a total riot. It’s the same dude doing the Village of the Damned thing, but stick it out to the end which is absolutely priceless. I’m talking spit coffee on your computer screen kind of priceless.

They remind me of the first 30 seconds of this classic clip.
Or maybe this other classic.

These idiot liberals should appear in GOP ads over the next six weeks.

Welcome to RedState’s only daily open thread! Enjoy!


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