Water Cooler 9/1/2018 – Open Thread – Cops with Cojones

Remember the Austin bomber?

Chopper video of his final moments was released yesterday. Wow! He had left a hotel before they were quite ready to apprehend him. The team that was there followed him down an interstate service road and maneuvered to sandwich him. They had no idea what sort of explosives he might have, so that move was very dangerous. Then a cop rushes up to the passenger window. His heart must have been racing! Then the bomber blew himself up. Thank God the cop was not on the driver side or else he’d have been seriously injured.


At the other end of the spectrum…

Any quote from this article won’t do it justice, so let me just share the title: “High-flying lawyer undergoes her THIRD gender re-assignment surgery to become a woman for the second time – after going back to being a man to re-connect with her children”. You can’t read it without rolling your eyes and shaking your head.

Chuckle of the day

Dianne Feinstein offers her fond thoughts on ‘Donald’ McCain. Nice!

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