DC Judge rules we have no borders

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Well that’s what this ruling amounts to if you ask me. Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has apparently spent all 70 of his years in DC and has even less of a concept of the real world than most politicians or journalists.


A federal judge on Thursday stopped the deportations of an asylum-seeking woman and her young daughter who were already aboard a plane to El Salvador, criticizing the Trump administration for trying to remove them while they were challenging their cases in court.

Sounds like a sympathetic case right? The judge called it outrageous and said he would find AG Sessions in contempt if they were not returned. “I’m also directing the government to turn that plane around either now or when it lands, turn that plane around and bring those people back to the United States.”

DHS complied according to an official: “Upon arrival in El Salvador, the plaintiffs didn’t disembark and are currently en route back to the United States.” In fairness, apparently the judge was upset because they were not supposed to be deported before midnight Thursday and they were actually flown out that morning.

The ACLU had filed suit earlier on behalf of the mom and others. Let’s compare and contrast the positions.

The administration argues that the country cannot grant asylum to people who are the victims of individual crimes, rather than targets of broader political or social persecution. The ACLU says the new policy would consign many to violence and abuse in their own countries.

That starts to raise your eyebrows, then about halfway through the article we finally hit the key sentence that explains the problem.

Carmen and her daughter fled their home in El Salvador seeking refuge from years of sexual abuse by her husband and death threats from a gang, the ACLU said in its lawsuit.


Ah now it’s clear! We’re not talking about requesting asylum from a country mired in war or where the government is engaged in ethnic cleansing or religious persecution – nothing like that which you or I or anyone with half a brain would associate with an asylum request. Instead any person in any country can come here illegally and request asylum because they suffered any violence or felt under a threat of violence. That would apply to virtually every person in Latin America, not to mention all of Africa and most of Asia.

Let’s skip the formalities and call it “asylum on demand”: get here by any means and start screaming “Asylum!” You don’t need a valid reason. You’re guaranteed to get free legal representation for about as long as you want to remain here. The ACLU and others will keep your case tied up in courts indefinitely.

It’s pathetic.


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