Water Cooler 8/4/2018 – Open Thread – The Culture of Death

Sometimes I’ll point to NHS stories to paint our future. Today I’m going no further than the USA and Canada to paint a sick picture.


According to this piece, Oregon is going to eliminate opioid prescriptions for poor/Medicaid patients. If you are poor and in chronic pain you can forget about drugs that might give you some relief. Oregon has a $1B budget deficit despite – ironically – income on taxes from legal marijuana. Since assisted suicide is also legal, it seems pretty obvious they’d prefer you save the state money and kill yourself rather than use opioids if for example you have fibromyalgia.


An example from Ontario

A man named Roger Foley is trying to get some justice from the Canadian courts before his disease takes his life. He claims a government-selected home health care provider left him in bad shape. He has been in a hospital for more than two years since. He wants to go home and get care from a provider of his choosing, which the government will not allow. He gave recordings to CTV of discussions with two different workers he taped. They made it clear their preference is that he kill himself to save the government money,

Canadian euthanasia figures

Imagine 25,000 people in the USA dying from medically-assisted suicide per year. Canada has 1/10 of the population of the US and that’s what you get from extrapolating their statistics. It’s only going to get worse, as the numbers have grown dramatically since euthanisia became legal north of the border 2-1/2 years ago.

Late-term abortion is alive and well in the USA

Hmmm. Maybe that’s a poor choice of words. A notorious Nebraska abortionist has a “clinic” in Maryland where butchering babies in the womb regardless of age is conducted. Two companies were hounded out of providing “medical waste disposal” but now a third one is serving them. The image in this article will turn your stomach when you think about what those boxes contain.


Handmaids and pregnanacy resource centers

You’ve got to love these “handmaid” freaks. They dress alike and follow orders to show up where and when in order to follow whatever instructions they are given – to prove how much they favor “choice”. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sick. They are at war with (among other things) pregnancy resource centers. They absolutely hate the idea that a woman in a crisis pregnancy might choose to visit a center that does not encourage abortion as the preferred choice. That article is old, but their actions continue. A few of these idiots showed up last week to protest a little center we have here in my town. I didn’t hear about it until afterward, but dozens of people showed up to counter them.


It’s sickening to see how the culture of death keeps growing. Government bureaucrats with green eyeshades deciding when killing you saves more money than treating you. (Remember how the idea of government death panels was ridiculed?) Idiots with nothing better to do than shutting down anyone and everyone who is not 100% behind abortion on demand (kind of like with same-sex marriage, “trans rights”, etc.). It’s depressing to see us sinking further down the toilet of civilzation and I wonder sometimes how we ever get out of it.


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