Water Cooler 7/14/2018 – Open Thread – Quick Hits

The World Cup comes to a close this weekend. I’m not sure there has ever been a more unpredictable tournament.

We are headed where England already is

A doctor who served the NHS more than a quarter century will never get a government job again – because he says his Christian beliefs don’t include clients claiming a new gender on the fly.


Getting rid of plastic – by using even more plastic

In progressive SF, where homeless people are ruining the city by dumping feces and millions of free city syringes, the biggest problem to city leaders is – as I’m sure you already guessed – the use of plastic straws. Being a woke SJW company, Starbucks came up with a novel way to solve that problem.

Speaking of which …

When it comes to the environment, you can really see how liberals never stop moving the goalposts.

  • We have to ban paper bags at grocery stores to save the trees! These plastic ones are so much better!
  • We have to ban plastic bags to save the turtles!
  • BTW if “single use” plastic bags are so bad, then why isn’t pretty much everything from Glad and Hefty banned?
  • We have to ban incandescent lights to save the planet! These CFL ones are so much better!
  • We have to ban CFL lights to save the dolphins! These LED ones are so much better!
  • Soon they’ll figure out how LEDs are ruining the planet.
  • We have to ban paper towels in bathrooms to save the trees and the planet! These hot air blowers are so much better!
  • Coming soon: We have to ban these hot air blowers to save the planet! They add to global warming and use electricity from fossil fuels!

The press seems to be hiding Nancy Pelosi…


It seems like every day some new story comes out about how senile Pelosi has become. Isn’t it interesting how you never see her on the MSM? After all, this is the person the press hopes will be Speaker of the House come January.

… so the answer is Jim Clyburn??

Next in line to Pelosi should be Whip Steny Hoyer, but since he’s a white male some woke people think the Democrats should turn to Jim Clyburn. All three will turn 80 during the next Congress BTW. Clyburn always struck me as a softspoken John Lewis – it’s non-stop “race race race!”

I don’t know about you…

But I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this. These privileged white liberals who do nothing but 24×7 OccupySomething crap are long past tiresome for me. These are the supposed intelligentsia, but their entire vocabulary seems to consist of “f___ you!”

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