Water Cooler 6/23/2018 – Open Thread – Some Quick Hits

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I’m barely sneaking the Saturday Water Cooler in on Saturday. As I often do, here are several pieces that caught my eye with minimal discussion. You can dig into any that catch your eye.


Supreme Court

DaveNJ1’s diary that was promoted today gave a nice summary of the recent decisions. The last one he mentions – Carpenter – caught my eye earlier. Roberts joined the liberals on this interesting privacy case and wrote the opinion that all of them joined. What made it even more interesting is that if you dig into the decision, you’ll see that each of the other four wrote a dissent, and then in some cases joined at least part of the dissent that one of the others wrote.

Texas demographics

This article ooints out that Hispanics will outnumber whites in Texas within the next five years. That’s not especially surprising given that after the 2010 census we had almost identical numbers of whites plus Asians as blacks plus Hispanics. Whites are just barely a plurality today. This fits well with Democrats wanting to pump as many immigrants as possible into the population in the hope they are future Democratic voters. Texas is still pretty blue today, but imagine an Electoral College where CA and NY are locks and TX joins FL as a toss-up. Scary!!


Female vet running for House seat in TX

My liberal sister sent me a link to this piece about MJ Hegar. She is running as a D against the long-time R incumbent in a district that borders mine. She’s a perfect choice for Democrats and is likely to get piles of outside money if it looks like she has any chance of winning. If you hear anything about the “doors lady”, this is the one. The five-minute video linked in that article is worth watching – it’s very well done.

Welcome to RedState’s only daily open thread! Enjoy!


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