Water Cooler 6/9/2018 – Open Thread – Odds and ends that made me chuckle this week

Some quick hits with minimal comments I hope you enjoy.

Proof that CNN is racist

I’m sure Elizabeth Warren has expressed her outrage over this.

Deb Haaland has won the primary for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District, CNN projects, putting her on track to become the first Native American woman in Congress.


More fallout from the Parkland school shooting

A female BCSO captain is getting bumped.

Trump is trying to save trees it seems

Republicans always find something to whine about, proving that’s not just a liberal trait.

Why isn’t this as bad as Christian bakers?

Is NYC’s Human Rights Commission going to let this blatant discrimination fly?

Is this what Whoopi meant by “not rape rape”?

The woke chick who spent the past year ruining two college football players’ lives admitted it was all a lie. She pled out to get a one-year prison term.

About that CA water usage limitation

You’ll be absolutely SHOCKED! to hear this.

Wealthy California residents, however, got a special dispensation from the legislature. There are to be special provisions for swimming pools, spas, “and other water features” that use a lot of water.


My nominee for comment of the year

I don’t know why I clicked on this article about Buzzfeed shutting down its French operation, but I’m glad I did else I’d never have seen this comment from “daroofa”:

Top 10 reasons Buzzfeed is laying people off, you won’t believe number 6!!

Welcome to RedState’s only daily open thread! Enjoy!


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