Water Cooler 5/26/2018 – Open Thread – Special Olympics Texas Edition

The third weekend in March is one of my favorites of the year. It’s when I travel to Bryan/College Station for SOTX state equestrian competition.

I got involved with SOTX by volunteering for a shift of bowling about ten years ago thanks to urging from the Knights of Columbus and was immediately hooked. Unlike youth sports, it’s not filled with obnoxious coaches and screaming parents. After being involved with youth soccer for years, it was a refreshing change which makes it a pleasure to volunteer for.


Within a year I was going for the weekends of area and state bowling. Before long I added area equestrian and my first event as a “key” volunteer was state equestrian. The local K of C Councils provide dinner Saturday night followed by a dance that’s a blast.

I like to take photos for fun, and take/post pictures as time allows. I’ve posted lots of them over the years; some from this year’s event are below.

Opening ceremonies are Saturday morning.

One of the events is drill team, which usually consists of Unified teams – half special athletes and half other people. Groups of riders in costume perform a routine to music on decorated horses. The second picture is two adorable Norwegian Fjords. This breed is white with a line of black hair that runs down the middle of their bodies from mane to tail. These two are brother and sister but are at different facilities and hadn’t seen each other for a few years.


The rest of these pictures are from the dance. This year’s theme was “superheroes”. Volunteers and coaches join in the fun, and so did the medical people. If you’re ever looking for somewhere to volunteer year time in a rewarding fashion, check out the Special Olympics opportunities near you.

Welcome to RedState’s only daily open thread! Enjoy!


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