Water Cooler 5/19/2018 – Open Thread – Another Sad Abortion Story

Odds and Ends

My wife is watching the royal wedding nonsense. It serves as proof that there is actually something more insipid on TV than CNN’s Chris Cuomo.


Speaking of CNN, they had to assign some special duties yesterday:

  • Who drew the long straw and got to pick the random number they’d repeat 8,000 times per hour as the number of school shootings this year?
  • Who drew the short straw and had to tell Stormy Daniels’ lawyer he was bumped for David Hogg?

Back to the Point

I came across a terribly sad story from Australia a few days ago. Put the abortion culture together with government health care and what could go wrong?

This could go wrong!

  • Mom is pregnant with twin sons.
  • She is advised one has a heart defect that will require surgery as soon as he is born.
  • Mom says hey no problem. Let’s just do a late-term abortion to solve the problem.
  • Hospital mistakenly kills the healthy baby.
  • Mom has the other one killed during a C-section.

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