Water Cooler 2/10/18; A Few Things That Caught My Eye

I’ve got a few quickies and then a meatier one for you this week.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

SI’s annual swimsuit edition is a big moneymaker. It barely involves more “clothing” than ESPN the Mag’s Body Issue. But in the name of political correctness, they have to pretend it’s something it’s not. So if you’re naked but have “MeToo” written on you with a sharpie, then you’re no longer just an “object”.


Is Bill de Blasio guilty of serial sexual assault?

Why hasn’t network or cable news informed us of this outrage? I’m sure any day now there will be a women’s march on the mayor’s mansion demanding he resign immediately.

California wants to block offshore oil from its highways

This move is supposed to stop Donald Trump and Rick Perry from drilling off the CA coast. Ok fine, as long as the feds also stop all oil or gas trucks from entering CA via NV and AZ. Just think how great that would be for California’s environment!

The Endless Cycle of Drug Addiction

I happened across this very long piece the night I was drafting this water cooler. I felt drained by the time I finished reading it and couldn’t even remember how I had come across it in the first place. It’s a fascinating read and an emotional rollercoaster. It alternates between being a beautiful story of redemption and a heartbreaking story of relapse.

If only we had more true journalists like this today! Trivia note: I was a Tulane freshman working at the Hilton Inn (the original airport Hilton) when the Vikings stayed there for Super Bowl IX.

I forwarded the article to a friend of mine who is also from New Orleans and whom I know went to the same high school at around the same time. (One of the weird quirks for New Orleanians is that you are identified by which high school you attended.) He sent me back this reply. Small world….


Yes, I knew Jackie . He was a decent athlete in his youth. Actually, we lived around the corner from each other when he played for the L.A. Rams. The last time we spoke was about two weeks prior to his last training NFL camp. He never returned to the neighborhood and I lost track of him. I had heard that he was having tough times , but was unaware it was this bad.

I also know the coach mentioned in the article ( Burton Burns ). He lived 4 houses from me. Burton has been the coach of the Running Backs at Alabama ever since Saban has been the Head Coach.

Thanks for reading today’s watercooler, RedStaters. Meet me back here next Saturday! Enjoy the open thread!


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