Me and My Trusty, Ever-Present Bottle of Water

Me and My Trusty, Ever-Present Bottle of Water
An unassuming water bottle allows me to breathe free again (Credit: Bill Robinson)

These days, with vax-holes and mask-holes wandering aimlessly around in search of targets, life can be tough. We never know when a pleasant time we’re having with family or friends will be interrupted by some lunatic shrieking about what murderers we are.

Unvaccinated? We’re outcasts. Finished with the medical and civil insanity of wearing a mask all the time? We’re selfish super-spreaders of a lethal virus.

As it turns out, after two years of constant self-aggrandizing blather about their greater knowledge of “science,” “data,” and “facts,” we now know they had little knowledge of any of those things. They were making it up as they went in a brazen power grab.

Well, things are starting to turn around and it’s snowballing. Soon, sane people will have the upper hand again.

Witness millions of college football fans, most all mask-less every Saturday without consequences of any kind. Witness the outright anger towards and demands for accountability for those liars who wreaked society. Witness airplane loads of passengers sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, eating, drinking, coughing, sneezing with zero certified “super-spreader” events. Witness high-traffic venues like airports, train stations, subways, concerts, etc., where passengers, riders, and fans are increasingly going without their masks drawn tight and renewing their freedoms. The bully-cowards are retreating en masse.

I don’t believe in the efficacy of masks. I believe there’s more than enough evidence supporting my position, One is the almost complete absence of scientific data or peer-reviewed studies on whether masks do work.

And two, is the way any videos supporting the idea that masks don’t work and may actually be making the virus spread worse are instantly pounced on by the US government and Big Tech to be quickly removed from media sites. These studies or opinions are removed not because they are “disinformation” as we’re repeatedly told ad nauseam, but because they are true.

If you’re reading my words right now, you probably don’t need further evidence or convincing. But let us imagine you’re a Biden voter with an increasingly open mind and questioning the whole party’s motivations as well as the President’s competency. Here is a video that was banished from YouTube because it was true.

One way that people are taking back their ability to make their own decisions is by carrying a water bottle. This simple exercise provides the cover for bravely wearing their masks lowered, under their chins, and feeling immortal in doing so. Losers who wouldn’t think twice about ganging up on some poor unfortunate with their mask lowered have now been the ones forced into silence and to shut up like the people who need to get a life they are.

And what can they do? Though they’ve chipped away at our Constitutional freedoms, they cannot refuse us and themselves human rights like eating and drinking.

I’ve found that I can get 217 small sips out of a smallish water bottle. On an airplane from NY to San Francisco, paired with a bag of chips, I can make it with my mask down for the majority of the flight. Sure, I’ll put the mask up a few minutes at a time but I’m always lowering it when I want to. Two or three-hour flights have ceased to be any challenge at all.

I’ve never been accosted by anyone with Ol’ Reliable, my water bottle by my side.

Try it by walking through Penn Station or the NYC subways with bottle-in-sight and mask down. You’ll smile knowingly at other passersby doing the same. You can breathe free and without carbon dioxide back-up into your lungs. Even the cops don’t want the hassle anymore — most of them have lowered their masks, too, without any water bottle in sight. People are fed up.

So really, the jig is up. These Marxist hyenas with nothing better to do than harass people just trying to live their lives and breathe free have lost. Their science trashed, their non-existent data provably false and their facts disproved beyond belief, they have no alternative but to return to their small, petty little lives and search for another way to become relevant and boss people around. We won’t let them find it.

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