The Marxist Psychos, Part Two: Friedrich Engels

Friedrich Engels thinks his beard trumps common sense and reality. Credit: "Marx and Engels Were Not Egalitarians." YouTube, screenshot

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This is a series about a large number of Marxists, whom I rightly call Psychopaths. One does not have to be a board-certified psychiatrist to spot them and the damage they do.


Symptoms of a Psychopath: “In the early 1800s, doctors were seeing a new kind of mental illness involving ‘moral depravity.’” The symptoms according to Psychology Today are these:

  • Uncaring, coldheartedness
  • Shallowness of emotions, no shame, guilt, embarrassment
  • Irresponsibility, “blame externalization”=blaming others for what they themselves do
  • Insincere speech=Lying, superficial charm
  • Overconfidence, grandiose sense of self-worth
  • Narrowness of attention, inability to focus, impulsivity
  • Selfishness, egocentric, inability to love, parasitic lifestyle
  • Inability to plan for the future, unable to follow any life plan, zero long-term goals
  • Violence, low tolerance for frustration and discharge of aggression and violence; irritability and aggressiveness, repeated physical fights and assaults

“Don’t forget any affront done to you and to all our people, the time for revenge will come and must be put to good use.” – Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)

Friedrich Engels was Karl Marx’s enabling buddy and ATM machine. He was also, as the quote above might imply, one of the most paranoid pseudo-intellectuals in history.

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Born on November 28, 1820, in what was then Prussia, Engels was born into money and had a rich father wealthy from textiles. What kind of person, given everything he could want from birth, then starts rabble-rousing about the overthrow of the government or monarchy acting all the while as if he’s interested in helping the proletariat, the poor and disadvantaged? To me, this can only be a psychopath.

The world’s most dangerous “thought leader?”

Engels was raised by a domineering father and acquiescent father and wanted for nothing throughout his life.

In 1841, Engels was in Berlin serving in the military and vegetating. He then started attending lectures (we can guess what kind) and anonymously publishing articles in Rheinische Zeitung, a small anarchist newspaper that only published from January 1842 until March 1843. The Prussian State shut this paper down like Obama would a coal mine. Karl Marx was the editor and this is how our two depressing psychos first came across each other, not meeting until November 1842. Without this contact and first meeting, the world would be a much better and nicer one today.

During their lives, Marx was like the monkey and Engels the organ grinder.


Marx and, most centrally, Engels created these two divisions in society of the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. The proletariat were the working class, now “blue-collar” and working poor, those most in need in society. And these mental midgets thought they were being smart by pretending that two unemployed leaches could ever truly care about the downtrodden. They were sympathetic; they were extending a hand; and they were simultaneously and secretively feeling very superior to these people with little.

They also created a boogeyman to offset their section of the world: the bourgeoisie. These were what the debilitated Marx and the manic Engels were imagining to be the moral dregs of society. Rich, greedy, and unconcerned with anybody but themselves, the two Communists told us, the dictatorial rich needed to be eliminated. We know what they meant from the French Revolution, when the street bled red from the guillotining. So Engels was pivotal in establishing these two mortal-enemy classes who would fight to the death and destroy humanity in the process. In the twisted imagination of this weak man, he saw that creating division and hatred would lead to the end of any kind of benevolent governance or fairness for the people. And right into his monstrous creation, Communism.

To show Engels with the other Communist Psychos
Engels, featured in the middle of Marx & Lenin, highlights his behind-the-scenes importance in the Communist ideology

We see this happening today. Just as we saw the Cold War almost destroy our world; Communism is still advancing around the globe. We see very clearly now, the sneaky infiltration of the once economically strong and morally righteous USA by degenerate Communists pretending to be “Socialists” like Sanders, AOC, Pelosi, and all the other miscreants running through our government wreaking havoc. Think about this please, reader: Trace in your mind the wicked lies sickos like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and other mass murderers have told, with those being told today by the same psychologically wrecked minds like those of Biden, Harris, Schiff, and Waters … they have the same disjointed DNA.

At the same time, they were building this ultimate class war between the rich and poor (that they continue to do today), they were also opening up the battle between good citizens and the academics, the unions, the “intelligentsia,” and other malcontents. This was the socio-economic and government conflict for the underlying infrastructure of America: Capitalism versus Communism.


It is this plot to divide people that is so evil and unChristian. (Of course, the infiltration of every corner of our world by Marxists includes the lower case use of the word “unchristian” into our dictionaries. Christ’s name should never be lower case.) At some point, of course, Engels became an atheist much to the anger and humiliation of his parents and family.

And this is a good segue into another contribution of the madman Engels and why we properly call these ne’er-do-wells “Godless heathens.” Their on-again (publicly), off-again (constant) hatred of God, Jesus, and any church or synagogue clearly shows how they try to act Judeo-Christian when it serves them (think Biden and Pelosi taking Holy Communion). It’s clear they hate God or any organized worship — even that which takes place in people’s homes or minds.

I’ll never forget my first trip to Russia for Putin’s inauguration in 2000. The Russian people were justifiably terrified. As I walked to the bottom of Tverskaya Street, which dead-ends at the front gates of Red Square and the Kremlin, I was quickly overwhelmed by a sinister feeling running up my spine. This, was the edifice, the building, and square of man’s inhumanity to man. Like Dachau, Red Square, the Kremlin, and Lenin’s tomb represent a destructive mentality that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people and the enslavement of many hundreds of millions more. Then … as I walked closer to the Nicolskye Gate (Photo below: located on the left side of the main building with the smaller two spires) which is the main entrance into Red Square, I heard soothing, holy music. The two gates are separated by a small door.

Drawing closer, I could hear this religious-sounding refrain from inside the door. Going in, I was treated to a feast for my eyes in one of the darkest, meanest places one can go. It was a small chapel with a small pipe organ and gold gilt all around. Russian icons of Christ adorned the walls everywhere I looked and the music was sublimely, peacefully gentle. Small, elderly ladies — Babushkas — wearing the colorful headscarves they’re known for, sat transfixed by the gold crucifix, the music, and their faith. The fact that the rabid, Godless Communists could let this worship exist in the center of a murdering ideology is bewildering.

In the middle of Communism’s “jail,” a Church. (Taken by myself in 2000.)

In Belgium from 1845 to 1848, Marx and Engels continued in their sleepless neuroses to overthrow governments of any kind and generally stirred the pot with anyone dumb or suggestive enough to listen to them. These pseudo-men, one Jewish (Marx), one not, were working on an inexplicably evil ideology that would morph pretty quickly into a tyrannical plot to kill or exile Jews and Christians alike. Then, Belgium was a kind of lice-infested crash-pad for Commies, Anarchists, Atheists, and the dregs of the European trash dumpster. So initially, Marx and Engels were most welcome. Shortly thereafter, both were ejected with prejudice.

Wherever these two mentally ill people went, revolution soon followed. The Marx-Engels duopoly was in Paris in 1844, next thing decent French citizens know, France has a revolution in 1848. Called the “February Revolution,” this utter chaos feeding off the constant Communist prodding and probing of workers, quickly spread to other areas of Europe. Germany (“March Revolution”), Italy, Denmark, Sweden (serious riots called the “March Unrest”), Switzerland (massive unrest and violence produced a new Constitution), and Hungary (the Hungarian Revolution of 1848). There were also tremendous uprisings and unrest in Poland, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal. Shock waves produced civil unrest in Great Britain and as far away as Nova Scotia, Canada, Brazil (the Praieira Revolt lasting five years), Chile (the Chilean Revolution of 1851), and even the Mexican-American War.

And, of course, the pair were directly responsible for the Lenin and Trotsky team’s utter destruction of Russia and the Czarist government in 1917. This, after their insurrection in Russia was crushed in 1905.

Alexis De Tocqueville, one of my personal favorites, said at the time, “We are sleeping together in a volcano … the wind of revolution blows, the storm is on the horizon” and in the aftermath, ” … society was cut in two: those who had nothing were united in envy, and those who had anything united in common terror.” This is why Communists are terrorists. They seed terror wherever they go, they destroy individuals, small businesses, communities, and most importantly, families. We saw all this with the brutally violent BLM/Antifa riots over the past few years. BLM is thoroughly against the nuclear family, traditional mothers and fathers, and happy, satisfied people of any kind.


We saw the twisted wreckage of humanity from the Marx/Engels political plan across Europe from the early 1930s straight through to the fall of the Berlin Wall and even today. Entire groups of deeply faithful people with the right political, economic, and moral beliefs so different from grimy Communists had their lives turned upside down; their families destroyed; their possessions stolen; they were exiled to brutal work camps or killed.

It’s very difficult for Conservative journalists to write about and find evidence of Communist and Democrat wrongdoing as the Internet has been scrubbed of virtually all confirmation that Communism is a hateful, racist, and murderous ideology. Fortunately, the online world is a big place and I found this little piece of video called, “Marx and Engels were racists promoting genocide” featuring George Watson, the Library Historian at Cambridge University; he’s a very credible source. Engels had written that when their revolutions occurred there were “primitive peoples” in Europe who were “two stages behind” Engels and his disturbed brethren who would have to be “destroyed” because they were “racial trash.” The only trash I see in this period and geography were Engels and Marx.

Time for a point to be driven home: This is the kind of damage psychopaths can cause. Some think it’s unintentional because of their mental illness; this is a weak and naive misunderstanding. Psychopaths do these things because they enjoy stimulating conflict, pain, and suffering among others. I don’t know exactly how they celebrate this division and agony that they father but they do celebrate it. They revel in it; they take glee. It’s the mark of true mental illness, the kind Jeffrey Dahmer and Adolph Hitler shared with Marx and Engels,

Part of the little-known story of Engels and the nasty infant Marx he supported is that one of their many affiliated or founded organizations, the Communist Correspondence Committee, merged with another real threat to humanity: League of the Just. This filthy conjugation was the unfortunate birth of the Communist League and the first platform was written by Marx and Engels and turned into The Communist Manifesto.

Also not generally covered by the media or historians, was Engels’ predilection for women of any kind — he wasn’t too particular — most obsessively, French women. “If there were no Frenchwomen,” our raunchy, intellectual specimen muttered, “life wouldn’t be worth living.” It was said that if any poor slob was looking for Engels, he could be found drinking and rutting around in the worst parts of any town.


In addition to writing most of the works attributed to the slovenly Marx (The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital), Engels also wrote the highly hypocritical, The Condition of the Working Class in England. This was a book that silver-spoon Engels wrote after “exhaustive research” in English working towns at night. One should wonder what other “research” the notorious Engels got up to at night in the English towns and villages. Beyond this likely grotesque activity, Engels’ and Marx’s books were meant to bring down Western civilization and democracy in the world, as later Lenin and Trotsky would use it to seed discontent and suffering they claimed was caused by democracy itself in Russia, Germany, and the rest of the world.

Just as Marx did, at some point, Engels fell in love with the writing of Hegel, the “philosopher” who developed something weird called a “dialectic process.” Today we call this brainwashing. As far as Marx and Engels falling for this nutcase Hegel, all I can say is that small-minded, evil people plotting some kind of takeover of other humans tend to get into bed together.

Engels said at Marx’s grave, “He died beloved, revered and mourned by millions of revolutionary fellow workers from the mines of Siberia to California in all parts of Europe and America and I make bold to say that, though he may have had many opponents, he had hardly one personal enemy. His name will endure through the ages and so will his work.” More propaganda from the Communist sewer. Millions of people and families around the world despised and spit on his grave for the crimes upon humanity they committed.

After Marx’s death, Engels spent the rest of his life in overdrive, working on Marx’s flimsy legacy and turning it into something significant for Communists and something filled with loathing and treachery for liberty-loving democracies. I’ve come to believe, as I’ve gotten to know the most pernicious of history’s “philosophers,” that without these final 12 years of hyperactivity Engels had over Marx’s unfinished grumblings, Communism might never have developed the wicked way it did. And the world would’ve flourished even more than it has in a more kind and rational way.


Friedrich Engels died of throat cancer in London on August 5th, 1895. There was no grave for the rest of the civilized world to spit or dance upon; he was cremated and his ashes thrown into the dark, cold English waters.

If there have been two more dangerous, unhinged men in history, I’m not sure who they might be. You might say, “What about Hitler and Stalin?” Both of those maniacs learned their craft from Marx and Engels — from propaganda; to incarceration and murder of enemies; to exile of the innocent in deadly concentration camps.

As we move forward in this series to cover Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, right on up to Obama, Sanders, and AOC … keep in mind, that centrally and viscerally, Marx and Friedrich Engels were the progenitors of the criminal, immoral and vicious ideology that is Socialism, Marxism, and Communism — that good people all over the world have resisted, battled, and died to defeat for more than 150 years.

“The State is not abolished, it withers away” – Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)


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