The Marxist Psychos, Part One: Karl Marx

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This is a series about a large number of Marxists, whom I rightly call Psychopaths. One does not have to be a board-certified psychiatrist to spot them and the damage they do.


Symptoms of a Psychopath: “In the early 1800s, doctors were seeing a new kind of mental illness involving ‘moral depravity.'” The symptoms according to Psychology Today are these:

**Uncaring, coldheartedness

**Shallowness of emotions, no shame, guilt, embarrassment

**Irresponsibility, “blame externalization”=blaming others for what they themselves do

**Insincere speech=Lying, superficial charm

**Overconfidence, grandiose sense of self-worth

**Narrowness of attention, inability to focus, impulsivity

**Selfishness, egocentric, inability to love, parasitic lifestyle

**Inability to plan for the future, unable to follow any life plan, zero long-term goals

**Violence, low tolerance for frustration and discharge of aggression and violence; irritability and aggressiveness, repeated physical fights and assaults

“Could there be a better answer to the stupidity of Karl Marx than millions of workers individually sharing in the ownership of the means of production?”

–President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

It’s fitting that we should start out a series of columns at the very beginning — so long ago, with the father of this twisted ideology.

We call this ideology Communism, Socialism or Stalinism … but it all started with Marxism & Karl Marx.

I’ve always believed that if you do a little easy research into a person and discover what their childhood and parents were really like, you can truly understand what kind of person they were/are.

Right now in America, there’s a “Marx-renaissance” led by liars trying to destroy our great country and supported by “useful idiots” with no more common sense than a bag of hammers. The people dabbling with this disgusting skeletal specimen know absolutely nothing about him much less America or themselves. They’re stupid, unconscious. That’s why this kind of rudimentary commentary is so necessary.


On May 5th, 1818, Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Trier, Germany, to Jewish parents. Wikipedia, (the totally untrustworthy anti-American propaganda site) called his family a “non-religious Jewish family” that later converted to Christianity. That stinks of George Soros.

This brings up and somewhat clarifies my inability to understand why subsequent Marxist totalitarian regimes would be so viciously murderous to Jews. It’s exactly because these early Marxist psychos (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Engels, etc.) were Jewish that they hated their own people. Hating oneself is one thing, but hating your own tribe is insane. If there’s a more psychotic mindset in the world ever, that’s got to be it.

It’s been said in relation to Marx but certainly applies to other Communist freaks that their hatred of Jews while many were Jewish themselves was the worst kind of racism. The comparison to today’s Marxist Democrats—and history’s worst racists (KKK, Southern Dems, Jim Crow/Segregation supporters, the assassins of Lincoln & Kennedy, etc.) cannot be overlooked.

Hard-core Communists, only interested in seizing power and property from the proletariat while acting like they’re advocates and saviors, have always preached that Marx was “filled with compassion for the poor and was an admirable father and tender husband.” None of these things were true.

Constantly supported by his father and unable to do anything in terms of physical or intellectual value, Marx was educated in Bonn, Germany, and then became a sort of pain-in-the-ass, nomadic dissident of all things good and valuable.


Marx then slithered his way to Berlin, Paris, Cologne, and Belgium—where he was banished for being an enemy of the state.

Along the way, Marx picked up a Ph.D. while repudiating a professorship; abandoned his delusions of being a poet or running a theater; and married a woman of Prussian nobility to fund him and his narcissistic pursuits along with his father.

I’ve always said, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Well, Marx fails miserably on the friends’ index: any fleeting friends he might’ve had were swiftly sent scurrying by Marx’s petty pretentiousness and insufferable arrogance. His only real friend was Friedrich Engels, who is another dreadful person to be profiled in this series.

Carl Schurz, a fascinating peer (in terms of the period only, not ideology) of Marx’s was a German Democratic revolutionary who came to America in 1848 after the German Revolution and immediately became a Conservative Republican backing Lincoln and freeing the slaves. He fought in the Civil War at Gettysburg and became a US Senator. He said of Marx:

“But never did I meet a man of such offensive arrogance in his demeanor. No opinion deviating in principle from his own would be given the slightest consideration. Anybody who contradicted him was treated with barely veiled contempt. Every argument which he happened to dislike was answered either with biting mockery about such pitiful display of ignorance or with defamatory suspicions as to the motives of the interpellant. I still well remember the sneering tone with which he spat out the word bourgeoisie. And as bourgeois, that is to say as an example of a profound intellectual and moral depravity, he denounced everybody who dared to contradict his views.”


Heinrich Heine, a brief friend of Marx’s, added with finality, Marx was “a Godless, self-God.”

According to many of his friends at the time, Marx was a lazy slug preferring to leech off friends like Engels (whom he referred to as his “angel”) and his wife’s family. Though much was written and spoken at the time about Marx’s penchant for attaching himself to others for financial gain, nobody could get rid of this pilot fish.

Again here, Marx’s egotism, sloth, venom, and two-facedness live on in today’s Dems Biden, Pelosi, Obama, and all the rest of them.

Dear reader: Are you starting to get a sense of this person? I’m not a violent man but at this point, I’d like to punch him in the face. But wait, there’s more.

He also became what’s called a “Hegelian,” which is a hapless person who comes under the spell of one of history’s most insane snake oil salesmen, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Hegel, in my estimation, was the source of a lifelong strategy for Marx (and Saul Alinsky) of baffling anybody who might listen with multisyllabic and unintelligible bullshit about his absurd political fantasies. His “ideas” were so complex and ridiculous that people were either entirely turned off by him or instantly mesmerized. It is the mesmerized that we should feel pity for, except that they allowed this school of insane tyrants to succeed in a few unfortunate places.

Hegel, whose own philosophical machinations were complete drivel and without any understanding whatsoever, was not only credited with spawning Marx but Nietzsche too.

After his physical removal from Belgium, Marx collapsed in London for a life of exile with his wife and seven children. He relished living under myriad aliases so the authorities couldn’t track him.

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Gee, look who else is a “Hidden Hand” aficionado: Josef Stalin, one of history’s worst mass murderers and a toady of Marx’s killer ideology.

Taking a peek at Marx’s family and children also adds color to our understanding of exactly how awful a human being Marx truly was.

It has been well-chronicled that in spite of marrying a woman of wealthy nobility, the Marx family life was one of abject poverty and wretchedness.

Marx’s son died of neglect. Then the final net-net of being born to an absolute monster Karl Marx was that of his seven children only three survived outside of early childhood. Starvation and negligence were the unofficial causes of all these deaths.

While indirectly killing more than half of his children, Marx was widely accused of rampantly fathering children by other women.

It would be a shrieking understatement and outright lie to say that was just a terrible father unintentionally; he was a God-forsaken reprobate deliberately. This man was a psychopathic monster.

It took Marx 14 years to write two chapters of Das Kapital and he was dead by the time the second volume was published. The economics in Das Kapital have been widely scorned even by Leftist economists. Engels was purported to have written the entire treatise enabling some to chime in that “Marxism” should truly be called “Engelsism.”

Marx, I’ve heard, said there’s no difference between Communism and Socialism, and this is bolstered and proven by the fact that in Marx’s demented thinking, Socialism was the last step before full-blown Communism. This is why we hear a cell of Dems from Sanders to AOC and Warren to Obama spewing the urgency for “Democratic Socialism” and even telling us directly by calling themselves this made-up phrase.


Marxists are either dreadfully stupid people or Satanically evil people. There’s no in-between.

There’s no such thing as democratic socialism; it’s all Communism. All roads lead to this vicious, sickening lie that is Communism.

In The Communist Manifesto, Marx wrote, “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion and all morality.” Enough yet?

But wait there’s more! No, there’s not enough space here or time in my day to chronicle all the perverse acts Marx committed upon those he loved or that carried his blood.

Karl Marx died–fortunately for decent people all over the world—in 1883.

Karl Marx satisfies perfectly the classic symptoms of a psychopath according to the above Psychology Today piece, and Reader’s Digest too. One sure exception is “charming,” which absolutely nobody reported experiencing with Marx.

Hence, I am calling this series “The Marxist Psychos” because every ideological descendant of Marx’s terrifying madness from Marx to Castro to Obama and all in between are also convicted psychos.

The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate the man who is better off than you are. Never under any circumstances admit that his success may be due to his own efforts, to the productive contribution he has made to the whole community. Always attribute his success to the exploitation, the cheating, the more or less open robbery of others. Never under any circumstances admit that your own failure may be owing to your own weakness, or that the failure of anyone else may be due to his own defects – his laziness, incompetence, improvidence, or stupidity.


Henry Hazlitt (1884-1993)

(This is a story I’ve written. We all have our stories. If you’d like to share yours with me or you would like my prayers, I’d love to hear from you. My email is [email protected])


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