Alarming Poll Finds Most Americans Have Significant Concerns About Post-Election Violence

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An alarming new poll has found that a vast majority of Americans are bracing themselves for election-related violence and fear the prospect of a civil war. 


In the latest Battleground Civility Poll, conducted by The Tarrance Group, Research Lake Partners, and Georgetown University, 78 percent said they are "worried that the 2024 election will result in violent activity." Just 23 percent said they were not at all worried. 

Participants were also asked the following:

Thinking about the issue of political divisions as a whole… On a scale of 0 to 100, where '0' is there is no political division in the country and where '100' is political division on the edge of a civil war where would you rank the level of political division in the country?

The average response to this question was 70.85, meaning the majority were fearful about the prospect of a civil war. However, this is still a considerable decrease compared with 2021, when the January 6th protests took place and Joe Biden took office in contentious circumstances. At that time, the average score was 76.01. 

On a brighter note, 88 percent of respondents said they believed that political divisions could be eased if leaders from both parties managed to find consensus on key issues, although any major compromises on issues from immigration to abortion currently seem highly unlikely. 


Tarrance Group pollsters Ed Goeas and Brian Nienabe explained in their analysis: 

As we head into a general election campaign in which the vast majority of the electorate will have an unfavorable impression of one or both major party candidates and a significant number of voters have significant concerns about the security and safety of the election process, the axiom that it is always darkest before the dawn seems particularly apt. 

Despite all these reasons for concern, voters are willing to embrace political leaders who seek solutions. Voters can see a variety of ways that our democracy can be strengthened. This strengthening will certainly present challenges, but with bold leadership, willingness to compromise, and a more informative and better regulated media, we can see that a morning in America’s political culture can arrive that will provide a much brighter culture to inspire more confidence and optimism in the electorate.


Political violence is used on both sides of America's political divide, although in recent years it has overwhelmingly been used as a tool by the left. The most notable period was the 2020 "Summer of Love," when Black Lives Matter rioters wreaked mayhem across the country following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer. 

While some level of political violence may seem inevitable, one can only hope that the Republican victory in November is so resounding that any transfer of power is both smooth and peaceful. 


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