Governors to White House: Support Expedited Ruling on Obamacare

Today, twenty-eight Republican governors sent a letter to the White House urging President Obama to support an expedited review of his namesake health care law by the Supreme Court. Here’s the PDF of the letter, which reads in part:


“Given the daunting and costly financial and regulatory burdens that our states and the private sector will face in implementing PPACA over the coming years, particularly during this unprecedented budgetary time, public interest requires expediting a final resolution of the litigation to give certainty as soon as possible. We should not endure years of litigation in the circuit courts, when the Supreme Court can promptly provide finality.”

This isn’t really debatable, and Republicans aren’t alone in urging the U.S. Department of Justice to support expedited review — Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida voiced support for this, and other leaders outside of politics have also supported reaching a determination as soon as possible on what aspects of the law are constitutional or not. Otherwise, of course, businesses will have to play the waiver game as states debate how much of the law they should implement, if any.


It’s unlikely, of course, that Obama’s DOJ will approve of bypassing the appellate process, even given the vast national uncertainty and expense associated with Obamacare. It’s worth asking — but I’d expect that we stay on target for a June 2012 decision from SCOTUS, right after a GOP nominee has been decided on and just in time for the summer.

Note: in case you wanted the legalese, here’s the formal petition from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli seeking expedited review from the Supreme Court.


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