Burgum and Vance Push Back on Media - Has Biden Cover-Up Caused GOP to Finally Say 'Enough?'

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Since last week's presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, it has become obvious just how much Democrats and the media have been covering up Joe Biden's condition. And what do they have to show for it? The American people now clearly see that both entities have been carrying out a massive cover-up campaign, all in an effort to maintain power for the Democrat party. The media has lost what little credibility it had left, and now, it might have given Republicans just the thing they need to start pushing back in a big way.


Remember that!  They CANNOT be trusted... EVER! 

The rest of the world knows Biden's brain is toast too

Two possible GOP VP contenders, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Sen. J. D. Vance (OH), appeared on Sunday shows and both were having none of what the hosts were attempting to dish out. Burgum appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" with host Kristen Welker to discuss the debate, and Welker wasted no time in turning to a tried and true media narrative of whether Trump would "accept the results" of the 2024 election. She dove right in and asked Burgum, "Should Donald Trump, as the presidential nominee, unequivocally accept the election results?"

Burgum fired back with the real question:

Kristen, I heard him on Thursday night say that he would accept the result of the election if it was free and fair and secure, all the things any of us, whether you’re an independent, Democrat or Republican, would expect, like the elections we have in North Dakota where people don’t challenge them because we’ve got secure elections. I think that’s what we need in this entire country. I think he answered the question. I think the real question is, you know, if President Trump wins in the fall, which it looks like he will, I mean will Joe Biden and the Democrats accept the results?


Unphased, Welker then launched into Trump's "caveats" of accepting the election results, those caveats being fairness and security. She asked Burgum if Trump was "undermining" Americans' faith in elections and "democracy itself" by questioning the 2020 election, which she made sure to add "is on record as being one of the most fair elections in U.S. history?” It was here that Burgum masterfully brought up the Democrats' questioning of the 2000 and 2016 elections. Democrats have actually questioned every Republican presidential win since 2000. Welker's only response was to harp on the fact that Trump had never "conceded" the 2020 election.

Over on CBS, Vance went a round with host Margaret Brennan on "Face the Nation." Brennan immediately assumed that two of Trump's responses to questions on abortion and January 6 were untrue and asked Vance "why Trump needed to 'make false claims' if he had 'such a strong platform.'" Vance wasn't playing along either and shot back, “Well, Margaret, I think the media is running interference on a lot of this stuff." Vance mentioned the recent video footage of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking some responsibility for National Guard troops not being at the Capitol on January 6 and also stated that no one in the media bothered to fact-check Biden during the debate. At this point, there were too many facts in the air for Brennan, and she cut Vance off and defended her media cohorts but also went into victim mode, saying, “I’ve lost track, sir. I’ve been told the media is on every single side of this and everything’s our fault." But Vance didn't let up and continued, mentioning Biden's whopper about no troops dying on his watch and bringing up the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal where 13 service members died. He then stated the obvious, "Look, the American people saw what they saw. Trump can do the job, Biden can’t.”


Has the media's vast and ongoing cover-up of Joe Biden's condition finally lit a fire under Republicans to start calling out media false narratives and outright lies for exactly what they are to their faces? As Mark Levin pointed out on his Saturday show, media corporations have boards of directors, executives, and investors who should be holding the media accountable for what they are doing. Will it happen? Probably not. It will be up to Republicans to start rejecting the premises of their ridiculous questions outright. Republicans certainly have the upper hand right now. It would definitely be a good time to start.


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