Here's What Happens When Liberals Run the Military - Study Says It Is Now a 'Vast DEI Bureaucracy' Mess

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The great Rush Limbaugh said so many things that, no matter how much the left tried to twist them, were just universal truths. One of these defined the purpose of the American military or the military of any nation, "the purpose of armies is to kill people and break things." As Joe Biden has set the world on fire, this truth could not be more relevant now. But sadly, what has happened to the U.S. military is what always happens when Democrats run it: It becomes a massive social experiment. Now, there is proof that Biden and his flunkies have turned our brave fighting men and women into little more than Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) guinea pigs.


On Tuesday, a year-long study by the Arizona State University Center for American Institutions (CAI) confirmed what we have suspected all along, that the U.S. military, along with the Pentagon, has become a "vast DEI bureaucracy," wasting millions of dollars on DEI indoctrination of future and current military members over actual military readiness. The results of the study reveal that the military is producing a “race and sex-based scapegoating and stereotyping” environment that is impeding efficiency. 

Former Space Force Commander Matt Lohmeier put the situation bluntly, saying of the study: 

“It’s no surprise that young people are turning away from military service in record numbers. As this comprehensive report illuminates, DEI indoctrination has become a core component of military training that begins for officers even at the service academies. How can we be prepared to confront our adversaries if our warfighters aren’t laser-focused on the mission but instead are divided and distracted by ideology?”


DEI is big business in the federal government. Since Joe Biden took office, the Department of Defense budget for what it calls "DEI projects" has risen each year, from $68 million in fiscal year (FY) 2022, $86.5 million in FY 2023, to now $114.7 million in FY 2024. So, what are the tax dollars of the American people paying for? Here is just a sample: an Air Command "tool kit" for training. Part of that "training" includes holding "courageous conversations" about topics like white privilege and unexamined bias. Air Force personnel are also encouraged to “add personal pronouns to email signature blocks” because “it can influence whether someone will stay in their organization.” In the Navy, anti-extremism training views Black Lives Matter (BLM) not to be a political topic. But maybe one of the most disturbing details of the study talks about two high-level Marine Corps officers who argued against racial colorblindness because it "promoted racism and white supremacy."  

The U.S. Military also apparently lives by the old saying, "Get 'em while they are young." The indoctrination starts when America's future sailors, soldiers, airmen, and Marines enter their respective academies. DEI offices train and support race and gender "affinity groups." Students are also encouraged to spy on one another through "eyes and ears" programs and report any possible DEI violations. 


The CAI study was not the only document that reveals what is being taught at U.S. Military academies. A Freedom of Information Act request filed by Justice Watch, an advocacy group, shows the Air Force Academy also promoting critical race theory (CRT) through the "1619 Project." At the Naval Academy, the goal of the "peer education" program is to recruit midshipmen to have mandatory conversations with one another about DEI.

What effect is all of this DEI indoctrination having on America's fighting force? Nothing good. First and foremost, recruiting. In FY 2023, the Army, Navy, and Air Force all missed recruiting goals. The group consistently falling in recruiting numbers: white recruits — can't imagine why. The U.S. military started 2024 with the smallest fighting force since World War II. The CAI study lays out exactly what the primary problem of DEI indoctrination in the military is: How can you ask military personnel “to defend a nation that is an alleged cesspit of racism and discrimination”? You also don't have to have served in the military to know that DEI and anything related greatly impairs unit cohesion and teamwork.   


The U.S. military should only be merit-based for one reason. So that America's most skilled, talented, capable fighting men and women are ready at a moment's notice to defend a country they have been taught to love.  


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