Is Barack Obama's Quote About Joe's Abilities Playing Out in Real Time?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Barack Obama famously (or infamously) once said of Joe Biden, "Never underestimate Joe's ability to f**k things up." Whether they love or hate Obama, the American people are finding out that truer words were never spoken. Inflation, food, and gas prices have Americans struggling mightily daily, and homeownership is virtually out of reach for young people. Add to that a wide-open southern border, soaring crime rates, and the world on fire. Yep, Joe Biden is certainly doing a bang-up job. There are plenty of Democrats who have a healthy case of buyer's remorse when it comes to Joe Biden's presidency, but it is worse than that. 

Is Joe Biden incompetent enough to tank the entire Democrat party? 

Currently, Joe Biden is losing every traditional Democrat voting bloc. An April Wall Street Journal poll showed Donald Trump up significantly with black men in seven key swing states by as much as 30 points. If those numbers hold, it could be something not seen by Republicans in decades. Hispanic voters are also becoming disillusioned with Joe Biden and the Democrats. A March New York Times/Siena College poll showed Hispanic support for Trump at 46 percent and Biden at 40 percent. Women, especially single women, have also been traditionally Democrat voters. While the female vote will be close in 2024, a KFF survey of female voters showed that Republican women are a bit more enthusiastic about voting at 53 percent than Democrat women at 44 percent.  

Democrats have long believed these groups are essentially one-issue voters. For black voters, that issue is racism, for Hispanic voters it's immigration, for women it's abortion and reproductive rights. In 2016, Hillary Clinton claimed she carried hot sauce with her. In 2024, that kind of decades-long pandering will not work with those groups of voters anymore. Joe Biden can be even more overt in his pandering and bring fried chicken to every black family in America, but people know what they see. 

Now, a new group may be added to the list of voters that Joe Biden is chasing away from the Democrat party. Teamsters' General President Sean O'Brien recently asked to speak at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee next month. Trump extended an invitation. It will be the first time a Teamsters' General President has spoken at the RNC. While union officials usually waste no time endorsing Democrats, that is not the case with rank-and-file members. "Union Joe" has drawn the ire of autoworkers because of the Biden administration's push for what they view as potentially job-killing electric vehicle mandates. 

But the simple fact is that all of these people go to the grocery store and the gas pump. They all want their kids to get a good education. They all want to live in safe neighborhoods. They know what life under the Biden administration has been like. If enough of them vote for Donald Trump and experience life under a Trump administration, do they return to the Democrat party in 2028? Why would they? 

For all of Joe Biden's 50 years of incompetence, buffoonery, plagiarism, and outright lying, could his biggest "accomplishment" be that he loses key voting demographics of the Democrat party for perhaps a generation because of obvious failing policies he refuses to correct? It is hard to see how that is not a real fear for them. Donald Trump could just be the vehicle for it. 

In the smoky back rooms at the Democrat National Committee, Joe's mental capacity can't be the only topic being discussed. Even if they never say it out loud, even to each other, someone is intellectually honest enough to see on the larger scale what Joe could be monumentally "screwing up." Even more of them are saying, "If we had only listened to Barack."



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