How Long Can Democrats Keep Up the Joe Biden Charade?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

My mom used to say that "getting old isn't for sissies." The older I get, the more I realize how right she was. Even when we try to eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise, all of the things they tell us to do, eventually, certain parts of the body just ain't what they used to be. For most of us, we plan to fight the inevitability of getting old as long as we can. But sometimes, sadly, it is not the body checking out, it's the mind. There are few people who have not had to watch a loved one mentally drift away. I watched my mother-in-law forget who her children were. It's bad enough when it is happening within the confines of your family, but what about on the world stage for all to see? More and more Americans believe that is what they are witnessing happen to President Joe Biden. 

Throughout his presidency, we have watched Joe Biden, currently the oldest president at age 81, go from a bombastic extrovert to a stumbling confused old man who slurs his words and has trouble completing a sentence. At first, it was here and there, just enough for conservative media to point it out and mainstream media to defend him. Joe Biden was always a gaffe-prone individual, but it can no longer be classified as just gaffes, and it is no longer harmless. On Monday, during a Juneteenth White House celebration, as musicians entertained the crowd and everyone danced and enjoyed the music, Joe Biden stood motionless, staring straight ahead, as if he had no idea why he was there and what was happening. Anyone who looks at the minute-long video should be profoundly disturbed.

It was a stark difference from the amped-up State of the Union speech Biden gave back in March. During that speech, Biden appeared angry and impassioned, and there was speculation that he had been pharmacologically assisted. I am not a doctor and I don't play one at RedState, but in light of Monday night's video, this is an election year, how long can the Democrats keep this up? The debate between Biden and Donald Trump is roughly two weeks away. Granted that's not a lot of time, but Joe Biden's mental state is not going to get any better. So, does the debate even happen? Do Joe Biden's handlers, just before debate time, come up with possibly a not-so-serious medical issue or possibly some "crisis" that he must attend to and thus cannot participate? 

Then there is the Democrat convention in August. a bit further out, but more time for Joe Biden's brain to malfunction. Do Democrats manage to get him through the debate and then, knowing how bad his condition is getting, prepare a switcheroo for the convention? Do they swap Joe for Gov. Hairgel, Gavin Newsom, and if so, what about Vice President Kamala Harris? How do they explain to the rapidly dwindling number of black Democrat voters why they went with the white guy over the black woman?

Democrats are being forced to play a desperate game of "beat the clock." It is a game they are not going to win. Back in March, an AP/NORC poll showed that 63 percent of U.S. adults felt that they were "not very" or "not at all" confident in Biden's mental capacity to serve another term as president. Those numbers are not going to go down the closer we get to November. A recent Wall Street Journal article outlined the experiences of both Republicans and Democrats and their interactions with Biden, saying he "performed poorly at times," while the White House continues to insist that Biden is sharp as a tack.  

How long can Democrats keep it up? The convention, the debate? Do they just hide Joe Biden for as long as they can? At some point, they will be forced to do something. Who will blink first?   


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