Ministry of Truth Moment - Half of Biden Voters Say Gov Should Regulate or Restrict 'Offensive' Speech

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It has been the argument of Republicans and conservatives for years. The American educational system is dumbing down students. Now, we are seeing proof of the fact that American students are being taught nothing about the nation's founding documents, principles, and what those principles mean. That lack of basic knowledge about the country will be on full display during the 2024 Presidential election season and also gives some big insights into those who are all for cancel culture and censorship. Incredibly, some of those voters believe that Americans have "too much freedom." Too much freedom?


A recent poll, taken by Project Home Fire and InnovateMR, polled 2,008 registered voters from August 25 to September 11. Their findings should send a chill down the spine of every American voter. Especially for Republicans, it is a stark warning sign, that this is what they are up against. Among those voters who, again incredibly, plan on voting for President Joe Biden in 2024, 47 percent say that “the government should regulate or restrict the expression of views considered discriminatory or offensive." Ironically, 35 percent who say they plan on voting for Donald Trump say the government should be involved in speech regulation. 

Not only is the true meaning of the First Amendment clearly lost on a large number of Americans, but it seems they have skipped the entire Bill of Rights as well. Roughly one-third of those Biden voters also believe that, in true liberal fashion, “it is necessary to limit certain rights, like freedom of speech, to protect the feelings and safety of marginalized groups." It's all about how you "feel." In still more irony, 25 percent of Trump voters agreed with this sentiment. Who are these "Trump voters" anyway?

Conservatives and Republicans have long suspected that the Constitution is little more than a roadblock for liberals, something to be gotten over and around. The poll may validate that suspicion. It seems as though our group of Biden voters thinks that the Constitution is merely a suggestion, perhaps more of an outline, and says that the government should be allowed to go beyond the bounds of the Constitution to be able to do things like implement gun control, mandate corporate diversity, and one of their old favorites, redistribute wealth.  


This substantial portion of Biden supporters no doubt had little problem with the Biden administration pressuring social media sites like Facebook and other platforms to censor certain posts about the origins of the COVID-19 virus. In September, an appeals court found that the Biden administration did violate the First Amendment by directing those platforms to censor posts regarding COVID-19. 

But what is really the most disturbing finding in this poll is that supporters of Joe Biden, Democrat voters, a little over a third of them, have no problem saying they believe that Americans have too much freedom. Are they serious? What exactly defines "too much freedom?" Being able to say what you think, not having the government decide what you need to know and what you don't? Not having the government determine how much income you should earn? Could these people give us a definition of this, please?

Along these same chilling lines, 75 percent of Biden voters said they support the government censoring "hateful" content on social media. Can the Biden voters tell us who exactly gets to determine what is "hateful" and what isn't? Is it Joe Biden himself, maybe it is that noted scribe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or maybe, since her tolerance and impartiality have been on display for all to see lately, Rashida Tlaib gets to determine who is being "hateful" on social media, Tlaib of "we're going to impeach the motherf****r" fame. Perfect choice.


For Republican and conservative voters, it is pretty simple. If there was any doubt about exactly what Democrats will be really be running on in 2024, this poll should alleviate any of that doubt. 


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