WATCH: Illegal Immigrant Says Americans 'Have to Change Their Character, Because Someone Is Gonna Change It for You'

WATCH: Illegal Immigrant Says Americans 'Have to Change Their Character, Because Someone Is Gonna Change It for You'
Illegal alien says 'F**k the people in the United States.'(Credit: Twitter/Muckraker)

In 2015, when Donald Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for President of the United States, he immediately faced backlash for saying: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.” We have since learned just how right he was. As millions pour across the U.S. southern border, we are hearing more and more stories of violent crimes committed by those who should not be in this country in the first place. But not only are criminals entering the country, there are those who obviously have no respect for the country they are essentially breaking into, just by being here illegally and seemingly not having any qualms about it. And many of them, it seems, also have no respect for the American people who are being forced, due to the Biden administration’s disastrous immigration policies, to support them, and have been told blatant inaccuracies about Americans, and to top it off, have arrived with a gargantuan sense of entitlement.

That infuriating truth can be seen in a video recently posted on social media by an investigative journalism news site, Muckraker. It is a video taken in downtown El Paso Texas on May 14. The video shows large groups of migrants camped out and loitering on city streets. The interviewer hones in on one twenty-something young man, with blond highlights in his hair, with a cell phone in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. The interviewer asks him where he is from, he says Mexico. He then asks another young man sitting on the curb next to him. He says he is from Venezuela. They are both asked why they have come to the U.S. They both say to start a new life.

The first man is asked his opinion of America, and that is when the conversation gets interesting. First, he says that the U.S. is “very nice,” but then apparently, he just can’t help himself, and the truth comes out. “Very nice” is quickly followed by, “F**k people in the United States.” There is raucous laughter off-camera to one side. The interviewer then clarifies what he has just heard saying, “F**k the people? F**k the people? What’s that?” The man replies:

“They (Americans) are very racist. They are very envious. They don’t want us. They send you horrible messages. They already killed 22 people here in El Paso because they want to kill immigrants.”

Then, perhaps thinking he sounds ungrateful, he reverts to how beautiful America is – well, the landscape, at least. Here is where we might ask a question, if he is a newly arrived immigrant, how does he “know” that Americans are racist? Who might have told him that? But it is this point in the interview that every American should be paying attention to. The young man then states:

“But the people of the United States have to change their character, because someone is going to change it for you.”

Someone is going to change it for you? That’s interesting. Some Republicans and conservatives have argued that this is one of the primary reasons the Biden administration and Democrats are allowing this invasion of immigrants in the first place. Not only to import a group of people who will vote for them in perpetuity, but to change the very character of the nation, our values, and our way of life. And even though this young man very clearly states that this is his purpose and the purpose of his comrades, we are called racists, bigots, and a bunch of “Great Replacement Theory” conspiracy nuts for making that argument. But here is someone Democrats are welcoming with open arms, and he’s saying the quiet part out loud. And perhaps the most important question of all: Where would he get the idea that anyone would have the ability the change the character of Americans?

No one will dispute the fact that most of the illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. really do just want to work and have a better life. Who can blame them? But if this man is any indication, there are many more who agree with what he says, and that’s something we all need to be aware of.

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