The Left's War on Masculinity - Real Men Need Not Apply

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It is probably safe to say, that the transgender movement really has nothing to do with helping kids, teens, and young adults become who they feel they truly are. There is another darker, more sinister purpose behind it. While the latest round is the attempted erasure of biological women in America, there seems to be a never-ending stream of boys and young men being convinced that what they truly are is a girl. But the war on masculinity can really be traced back to the early women’s movement of the 1960s, when feminist guru Gloria Steinem declared, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” So, while the left’s war on biological women rages on, there is also a parallel war on men, more specifically, a war on masculinity.


Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), has seen enough of it, and lays out why this is not a good thing for America. In his new book, “Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs,” Hawley says the premise of the book is simple, โ€œAmerica needs strong men. It needs good men, and we should call men to be those things.โ€ Hawley points out that between the media, the entertainment industry, and corporations, including social media, they relentlessly send out the message to boys and young men that just because they are males, they are somehow responsible for alleged systemic injustice in America, and that their inherent masculinity is “toxic” to society. Makes sense — why else would so many males be indoctrinated to think they are females?

Hawley also points to technology, and easy access to the porn industry, which has led, in large part, to boys and young men being completely apathetic about commitments like marriage and family, which also have been in the crosshairs for the left. Hawley also alluded to prescribing drugs for kids, and that boys are “way overprescribed” behavioral drugs more than girls. He added, โ€œYou see this drive to sort of eradicate boyishness from boys.”


But what do women — more specifically, biological women — think about men being masculine? Our first encounter with a man is usually our father. Fathers play a huge role in the type of men we are attracted to and end up marrying. Unfortunately, many women do not have a strong, dare I say, masculine, father who is in the home, married to their mother, and is a provider and protector for and of the family. If you ask most young women, what type of man they are attracted to, the first thing most will say is one they find attractive. Not gonna lie, most of us like some shirtless pics here and there, especially if it involves muscles. This might be one of the differences between males and females that the left simply cannot erase with surgery and outward appearance.

But for most women, what makes men attractive to us is much more than looks. It is definitely how they treat you. How many boys and young men are being taught today to pull a chair out or hold a car door or other type of door open for a woman? How many are being taught to walk on the outside of the sidewalk? As someone who considers herself a strong independent woman, I certainly don’t needย those things, but it is what boys and young men should beย taughtย to do. It is all part of being a man. The way men carry themselves, not just around women, but in general, is important. It is a hard thing to put a finger on, but it is a certain something, a strong masculine presence that as Sen. Hawley said, that boys and young men are being told is “toxic.”


Sen. Hawley also sees the targeting of masculinity as the same ideology as the current virtual erasing of women. He is right. Just look around you. America is in desperate need of masculine men, decisive men, not afraid to act and do what is right, regardless of whether it is politically correct. The goal of the left might be to create a population of gender-fluid zombies, but I am going to bet that real women are going to opt for real masculine men every time.


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