From the Trump-Russia Collusion Plot to 2020 - The Face of the Democrat Party

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For people who might have been living under a rock since 2016, the findings from the Durham report of the Trump-Russia investigation no doubt came as shocking revelations. But for conservatives and other political nerds, it only verified what we had suspected all along. The size and scope of the plot to bring down a presidential candidate, and then a president, is like nothing ever before seen in American history. From the highest-ranking officials in government to intelligence agencies, the unlimited hubris of those involved is off the charts. But the plot and all involved also explain a vital truth. This is who the Democrat Party is. By saying this, Democrats will, just by knee-jerk reaction, default to “But what about Watergate?!” No one condones the Watergate scandal, but this makes Watergate look like a Dick and Jane book. It needs to be said again: This is who the Democrat Party is.


The whole sordid tale begins with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Actually, the whole sordid tale begins with outsider Donald Trump daring to run for president. In all fairness, all those involved knew early on that Trump was trouble for them. They knew that because he had not spent his entire adult life in Washington, he had not been conditioned to be afraid of all the right people. And the most frightening thing: Americans loved him. All of that together was a problem.

In 2016, the CIA claims to have evidence that Hillary Clinton, is planning to falsely link candidate Donald Trump to Russia, after all, she has her own email scandal to hide. It goes from CIA director John Brennan like a zig-zagging magic bullet, who then briefs both President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden, swerves to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and finally lands with the FBI and Director James Comey. Comey and his toadies, deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, and smeller of Trump supporters Peter Strzok, who didn’t have time to do things like research and investigations. They had presidential elections to throw. And a full-blown investigation of Hillary Clinton’s political opponent, Donald Trump is born.


While the details of the whole sordid affair will be talked about and analyzed, there is this. Throughout this entire exercise, it appears no one, NO ONE ever had a second thought, a moment of conscience, or even a hiccup, that this was at least dishonest, at most criminal. These were lifelong bureaucrats who could not possibly trust an American presidential election to average Americans — they shop at Wal-Mart for God’s sake. All that mattered was that Donald Trump never become president, and they were the ones who were going to “save” America from that happening.

But let’s go one step further, and take into consideration what we know happened during the 2020 presidential election. While the cast of characters might be different, the mentality, the mindset, and the objective are all the same: We are better than you, we are morally superior, and we have the means to inflict our supposed moral superiority on you, the American people. Donald Trump must never be allowed to become president (again), and the Democrat Party will literally do whatever it takes to reach that objective. This is who they are, and these are the lengths to which they will go to win.

It is fairly safe to say that none of these monsters will be held accountable for what they have done to previously trusted American institutions. It is also fairly safe to say that they did it because knew they would get away with it. If you are a Republican, Donald Trump should clearly be the least of your worries.




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