Feminists Not Roaring When Asked About New Title IX Transgender Regulations

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In 1972, at the height of the women’s liberation movement, as women marched to Helen Reddy singing, “I am woman hear me roar,” President Richard Nixon signed the Education Amendments Act. It included Title IX, which gave female collegiate athletes many more opportunities to compete, as well as access to athletic scholarships. At the time, it was a hard-fought victory for feminists and the women’s movement. But as the debate over transgender athletes competing in women’s and girl’s sports rages on, there seem to be some voices missing: Where are the feminists?


The Biden administration recently proposed new rules that would expand Title IX’s definition of sexual discrimination to include gender identity, and those guidelines would pertain to transgender athletes competing with biological women in sports. Under the proposed new rule from the Department of Education, no college or university that receives federal funding could impose an across-the-board ban on transgender students playing on a sports team that aligns not with their sex at birth, but with their gender identity. Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives answered those new rules by passing a bill that would prohibit transgender athletes from competing in women’s and girls’ sports nationwide. No House Democrats voted in favor of protecting women’s sports, and it is doubtful that Democrats in the Senate will take up the bill. Joe Biden has promised a veto if it reached his desk.

As more and more biological women are forced to compete with biological men who now identify as women, the call for feminists to make a statement regarding transgender athletes has become louder and louder. So Fox News Digital decided to go find out where the feminists are, and what they think about the transgender athlete issue. The outlet reached out to roughly twelve different women’s advocacy organizations including, Women for Women International, Global Fund for Women, and the Gender Equality Resource Center. The groups were asked, “Does your group feel transgender women should be allowed to compete in sports with biological women? Is this something President Biden should get involved with?” The silence was deafening. Not one of the groups Fox News Digital contacted responded to their questions. There is one group that is actively involved in fighting for women’s and girls’ sports, the Independent Women’s Forum. A spokeswoman for IWF, Adriana McLamb, stated, “We are fighting for all current and future female athletes to compete on a fair playing field just like our predecessors fought for our right to compete to begin with.”


It probably shouldn’t be all that surprising. Feminist groups have been AWOL when female athletes like swimmer Riley Gaines try to speak out against transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. Gaines was attacked by violent transgender activists recently at San Francisco State University. But why are feminists notably absent while Democrats and the left essentially try to erase women and girls from sports? And the best part: The women who make up all of these groups will all support the very same Democrat candidates that voted against preserving women’s sports. It is some sort of weird Stockholm Syndrome.

But while classical feminists like Gloria Steinem seemed to have checked out of the transgender debate, it may have opened the door for a new generation of feminism. Recently on her podcast, former Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly gave an impassioned plea for women to speak up for themselves saying in part, “If we don’t find our voices and start speaking up against this nonsense, we can kiss every woman’s space good-bye.” The debate will continue, but we know now that feminists will be nowhere to be found. They are too busy snuggling up to the very people who are trying to eliminate them.




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