WATCH: France's Marine Le Pen Rallies Supporters on Deporting All Dual Nationals Who Follow Radical Islam

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France will soon get the chance to decide on the direction her government will take in snap elections called a week ago by President Emmanuel Macron, after his progressive party was trounced by a more right-leaning one in the European parliamentary elections. While the elections (on June 30th and July 7th) will affect who makes up the body of the National Assembly (France's legislative branch), they could give a glimpse of a sea-change, leading up to the presidential election in 2027.


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Someone with a particularly keen interest in the outcome of both elections is Marine Le Pen, who some tip as the favorite to become the next French leader in the latter election. The leader of her Rassemblement National or RN (National Rally) party, Jordan Bardella, could also take the prime minister's seat in short order. Sky News notes that Macron would not be eligible to run for reelection in the 2027 contest.

After the news broke on the new elections, Le Pen gave a speech that I think readers will find worth hearing, which addressed the dire situation of France becoming mired in a massive swamp of illegal immigration. Le Pen focused here on a subset of dual nationals among those coming into her country, though; that is, those who espouse the hateful ideology of radical Islam:


She said:

I appeal to the wisdom and the good sense of the French [people]. Give me one reason, only one, to keep on our territory foreigners who collaborate with a totalitarian ideology, that wants the death of the French.

 Dual nationals connected to Islamist ideology must be stripped of their nationality and expelled.

But she did not mince words about native Frenchmen or Frenchwomen who support the twisted thinking of radical Islamist teachings, either:

The French who adopt the ideology of the enemy must be brought before justice and punished. The laws exist, they just need to be applied. And well, I, [as] president, [would] apply these laws without weakening.

At this point, the crowd can be heard chanting, "Marine, President!" Le Pen continued:

In a few weeks, I promise you, France will have taken all the necessary steps to be sheltered from the "S Files," and that in total compliance with our rule of law, radical mosques will be shut down, hate preachers expelled, the associations [fused?] with Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood will be dissolved.

With me, be assured that the rights of women, today challenged by Islamic obscurantism, will be granted to all of the women of France.

With me, the security [of France] will not go against liberty, in any case, not against the liberty of honest people.


While many readers are likely familiar with the evils the Muslim Brotherhood supports, including in our homeland, the other term is likely unfamiliar. According to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Salafism is an ideology among a subset of Sunni Muslims bent on wiping anyone with different beliefs off the planet. We call them ISIS. Stay tuned.



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