Trump Celebrates His Birthday With Enthusiastic Crowd at 'Club 47' Event in West Palm Beach

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On Friday evening, presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee and former president, Donald Trump celebrated his birthday with supporters at a "Club 47" event in West Palm Beach, Florida. Before he was invited to speak at the microphone, the crowd joined the host in singing "Happy Birthday" to him:


Trump spoke about the positive news on Friday about former attorney, Rudy Giuliani, saying that, 

"[i]t was just announced that they withdrew the lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani…regarding the laptop from hell. They just withdrew the lawsuit on the basis that Rudy Giuliani turned out to be right…they said the laptop from hell did not come from Russia."

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"We're not going to let them rig the presidential election of 2024," Trump declared:

Trump also talked about the major security chaos at our southern border because of President Joe Biden, saying that "instead of keeping out terrorists, Joe allowing them to infiltrate our country." [Watch the video at the link below.]

He spoke about election integrity, and Democrats' refusal to implement solid voter ID laws, then moved into talking about his campaign leading or tying in polls in states that Republicans usually have not, including in Virginia:


The former president reminded supporters of the conservative positions he would defend as the next president:

He marveled at the fact that, while an observer of politics before he was elected in 2016, "most politicians want to do tax cuts," but that Democrats are "the only group, they want to increase your taxes....four times higher than you're paying right now. They don't want the Trump tax cuts permanent." He offered an alternative--in addition to keeping the tax cuts, he said, he would "reduce taxes by still more":

In one light jab at Biden, Trump said that former president Jimmy Carter must be the happiest about Biden's presidency, and said that, "[c]ompared to Joe Biden's, Jimmy Carter's administration is brilliant."

He also directed people to visit, the RNC's new effort seeking to overwhelm any possible fraud during the 2024 election with engaged Republican votes.


Trump addressed Biden's slip-ups while in Europe over the past few weeks, including Friday's bizarre wandering about during a group event:

Then Trump closed with this hopeful promise for Americans, once he's reelected as the 47th president of the United States:

Across social media, here was just one of the messages wishing him well:

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