Radical Leftist Maine City Council Member Unleashes Rant Over Shooting, Blames It on 'White Violence'

As we reported earlier on Friday, federal and state authorities continue a manhunt for Robert Card, the alleged suspect in the brutal mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, that left 18 dead and more than a dozen injured, switching the focus of the investigation. My colleague Teri Christoph wrote:


 Commissioner of Safety Mike Sauschuck revealed the suspect is not in custody and described the hunt as a "rapidly evolving" situation involving local, state, and federal law enforcement. [...]

Officials plan to spend today at two "primary venues": the sites of the carnage, where they are processing "every square inch" and collecting every bullet cartridge -- a process that could take several days -- and the boat launch in Lisbon where the suspect's white Subaru station wagon was found. 

Sauschuck said much of today's efforts will be focused on the Androscoggin River; there has been speculation that Card made his escape via the river.

But once again, our friends at Libs of TikTok have brought into the bright light of day another progressive revealing their radical leftist beliefs by just sharing what they say. This time, that light falls on a Portland, Maine, city council member, who decided to unleash a rant claiming to know the shooter's motive: 'White Violence' and "privilege":

Victoria Pelletier wrote on her official Instagram account: (emphasis added)

 As the statements begin to roll out, make sure you peep which one of your representatives actually calls this what it is: an act of violent, white nationalism and domestic terrorism.

This isn't a 'senseless tragedy', this is a targeted, intentional act of white violence that we see regularly in this country. We are no stranger to angry white men with guns. This happens all the time, and will continue to happen all the time.

Most of our federal delegation has been in power since I was in elementary school - if they wanted to enact gun laws, they would, but they likely never will because the institution of government benefits from this type of sanctioned violence.

We see it with the nazi marches and the push for Maine to become a white ethno-state. We see it with policing and public safety. We see it with the criminalization of homelessness and racist, xenophobic rhetoric towards our marginalized groups. We see this type of angry, violent whiteness every single day.

I am so exhausted by the need to identify a motive. "He lost his job" "He was getting a divorce" "He had issues with mental health" etc ec (sic) etc.

The motive is he's white, he has a gun, and he can enact terror and violence on innocent people because the world has awarded him the privilege to do so.


Here's something to mull over, along with Pelletier's racist words above. She's listed as a staffer member on the homepage of RepresentWomen, a radical leftist political organization that states its purpose as "imagin[ing] a healthy 21st century democracy with gender-balanced representation in elected and appointed positions, at every level of government."

Her bio for the National Partnerships Manager role leaves no question about where her views lie: (emphasis added)

She is currently serving her first term as a Portland City Councilor, and is the second Black woman in her city’s history that has been elected to this seat. She specializes in racial equity, community engagement and advocacy, and pushes for intersectionality in all levels of government. Prior to joining RepresentWomen, Victoria worked at Portland Empowered, amplifying the voices of racial and ethnic minorities as they influenced policy change within Portland Public Schools.

Victoria also worked as a racial equity project manger (sic) for a local government agency, where she collaborated with over 30 Maine cities and towns and helped to foster social change within their municipalities. Victoria is passionate about dismantling structures of oppression and leading her community towards authentic policy change. 

So, instead of putting out a statement focused on giving comfort to her constituents and neighbors, she's hell-bent on pushing her far-left political agenda. This is nothing new from the Left. But every time we see them do this, it doesn't get any less shameful.


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