Watch: Dad Goes off on School Board About Assignment Asking HS Students to Describe 'Sexual Fantasies'

The dad of a Eugene, Oregon, student speaks to the Eugene School Board. Screenshot credit: Libs of TikTok

Usually, when RedState shares a video from the Twitter account for Libs of TikTok, it’s some radical progressive spouting their crazy ideas for everyone to hear. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since that’s the best way for more people to understand how the Left and its ideologies play out in real life, instead of in dusty tomes or rambling manifestos.


But a video posted on Friday doesn’t feature a loony lefty. It features an every day dad in Oregon standing up for his right as a parent to know what his daughter is being taught in school—and promises that those who were responsible for a particularly disturbing assignment be held to account. .

Libs of TikTok’s account revealed that a hand-out from the teacher instructed students to “write a detailed paper about a sexual fantasy.” The assignment reads: (Warning: contains graphic sexual content)

For those students who were absent, you will write a short story of a paragraph or two. This story is a sexual fantasy that will have NO penetration of any kind or oral sex (no way of passing an STI). You will choose 3 items (romantic music, candles, massage oil, feather, feather boa, flavored syrup, etc) to use in your story. Your story should show that you can show and receive loving physical affection without having sex.

But when a dad whose daughter attends the school spoke at a Eugene School District school board meeting, the full scope of the assignment was even worse.

He begins by describing the schoolwork as “this atrocity of assignments.” Then he points toward the board and says, “I want to first say you’re a liar. It’s not a rumor. I have the proof right here in my phone….’with whom would you do it with?'”


He continues that his daughter told him that “the teacher put up a wheel on the class board, and it stated ‘anal penetration, oral sex, licking of the ear, kissing,’ and he wanted them to write down the initials of a boy or girl that they would do these activities with. Now, I don’t know what’s worse: wanting to know my child’s sexual fantasy or who they’re going to have anal penetration and oral sex with.”

The dad asks, “What is he gaining from this? What do you gain from this information?” He goes on to explain that his daughter, in her naivety, did the assignment “because she’s scared. She wants to get good grades. She wants to get her license….And so, she does the assignment.”

He then demands to know why his daughter hasn’t received the assignment back with a grade on it. He speculates that the teacher is “literally using this for his sexual deviant [sic].” He describes the teacher’s giving this assignment as “verbally sexually abus[ing] every single child in that classroom.

The dad turns next to the lack of accountability here—from the school and school board members:

Sexual abuse is sexual abuse. So, where’s [sic] the criminal charges? Why is he still teaching? Is it because he’s the football coach, and Churchill’s doing good? Don’t want to lose that hype? …

This sexual deviant needs to be removed.If you do not remove him, I’m giving you my word today that tomorrow morning, I will go down to the county clerk’s office, and I will file for the removal of every single one of you.


While it’s not clear which school the daughter attends, it might be this one. The father mentions the “Churchill” football team, which is the name of a high school in the district, according to the Eugene School District website.

It’s no secret that the Biden administration and the National School Boards Association (NSBA) recently worked hand in hand to label parents who were just seeking what any parent has a right to — a say in their child’s education and safety at school — as “domestic terrorists.” It’s a despicable practice that the legacy media and their allies in both the teachers unions and the Big Tech companies would rather the American people not know about. But RedState and our sister sites with Townhall Media refuse to let up on reporting what’s happening. Our readers should expect nothing less.

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