Tucker Shines a Spotlight on the Media 'Memory-holing' Massive, Anti-Socialist Protests in Brazil

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In late October, I wrote a piece entitled “New York Times Video Op-Ed Warns Brazil’s Choice for President Could Determine Fate of Planet Earth,” about the legacy media’s not-so-subtle attempt to cheerlead a corrupt, convicted felon back into power and living in that nation’s presidential palace, because it’s a net-plus for the causes the Left wants to push–in our hemisphere and worldwide. More on this later.


Now, we’ve been covering the nationwide protests in China over that nation’s tyrannical COVID lockdown policies, with stories including a BBC journalist getting beaten down by police for daring to film the regime’s harsh crackdown, as it’s unfolding for the world to see. We also pointed out the Biden administration’s weakness on display over the CCP’s obvious human rights abuses, which my colleague Sister Toldjah detailed Monday. And readers might be aware of the Iranian people protesting in recent weeks, something the Biden White House has managed to take a stronger line on, including imposing sanctions.

But there’s another protest happening which is not getting nearly the attention it deserves, especially from the legacy media, as investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand told the host of Fox News’ top-rated program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Monday night. As I wrote earlier, Brazil’s election results — which were considered sketchy at best — went to a runoff under less than transparent conditions, resulting in a win by the far-left socialist candidate and former president, Luis Inácio “Lula” da Silva over incumbent President Jair Bolsanaro.

As readers likely know, Tucker hasn’t been silent, unlike some in smart, elite conservative circles, on the importance of America using her voice to call out freedoms under attack — whether they occur in China or elsewhere.


Tucker begins the segment by explaining that “millions of people [in Brazil] are not convinced” that the election results there are “legitimate. Millions of people think the election was rigged, and they now have a criminal as president. So, there are protests underway across the country.” He brings on Tyrmand by citing some of his latest reporting, which alleges that Brazil’s military “stands with the incumbent president….Bolsonaro.”

As Tyrmand writes in a new tweet (below) about his appearance, he thanks Tucker Carlson for “being the one major media show host who sees the import of what is going on.”

He continues, highlighting the gravity of the shameful, current mainstream media blackout on a story this massive:

These are the largest-scale protests in a democratic nation in human history. And the ramifications of this outcome are existentially important for Western Hemisphere.

He says [emphasis mine]:

We are in day 29 of mass protests in Brazil, a democratic country with free elections, and we’re talking not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, but millions–and what looks to be, when all is said and done…will be tens of millions.

This is the largest democratic protest in, possibly, human history, and the global media is crickets on this. It’s totally being memory-holed, in real time.


Tyrmand continues, saying the Brazilian people “are very clear: They do not want to be led by a convicted criminal.”

Recall [that] ‘Lula’ da Silva was convicted in three separate courts – on 12 charges – by 19 judges, unanimously. Not Bolsonaro appointees — this was years before Bolsonaro [was elected]. His judicial appointees in [sic] the supreme court freed him in the last two years.

They annuled and vacated his multiple sentences — [of a] 12 year sentence, 580 days he served. They let him out to run. And Brazil has a law on the books that no convicted felon can be elected [to] office.

Now the people, en masse, are crying foul.

As I mentioned up top, before the conclusion of Brazil’s election runoff in late October, the media blatantly pined for wannabe dictator Lula to win. And what was one of the top cause they wanted reinstalled with him? The climate hoax.

And surprise, surprise — this is one of the government’s priorities. As Reuters reports, Lula’s government is trying to sway major countries, including the U.S., the U.K., France, and others to pour billions of dollars into an environmental slush fund for the rainforests — something his predecessor “froze” due to reports of “spending irregularities”:

The Amazon Fund, started under leftist Lula’s first administration from 2003-2010, bankrolled conservation projects and counts Norway and Germany as its biggest donors.

Right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro froze the fund, citing unspecified spending irregularities among fund-backed projects run by nongovernmental organizations, without providing evidence. The fund already contains some 3 billion reais ($563.71 million) that has sat unspent for nearly 4 years.


I don’t need to remind you the “environment” and saving the rainforests are unquestionably on the Left’s demented and dangerous wish list. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


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