Watch: Oklahoma Sec. of Education Asks BOE to Revoke 'Activist' Teacher Tyler Wrynn's Cert.

Oklahoma's Secretary of Education Ryan Walters. Screenshot credit: Project Veritas/YouTube

On Monday, my colleague Jennifer Van Laar wrote about a new video released by Project Veritas (PV) that exposes a middle school teacher’s plans to “burn down the system,” while admitting he was trying to keep his attempts at indoctrinating the students in his classroom with woke ideology under the radar. Tyler Wrynn acknowledged to the undercover reporter he was likely breaking state law by doing so.


Now, in a new video from PV on Tuesday, Oklahoma’s Education Secretary Ryan Walters is asking the state Board of Education to revoke Wrynn’s teaching certification.

In the video, which runs just under a minute-and-a-half, Walters is blunt in his condemnation of the radical “indoctrination” he sees happening in the classrooms, which “is not going to be accepted here in the state of Oklahoma.” He said, in part:

We have many great teachers in Oklahoma. Tyler Wrynn is not one of them. Seeing this new video, where Tyler talks about indoctrinating kids, violating HB1775, being an anarchist and trying to undermine our entire education system that is not going to be accepted here in the state of Oklahoma. We have a teacher that a year ago said, “F— Parents.”

This is unacceptable in our schools. Again, he is masquerading as a teacher when in reality he’s a liberal activist trying to indoctrinate our kids. Deborah Gist (Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent) has allowed this into our school[s] knowing his background, knowing what he said publicly. Superintendent Hofmeister (State Superintendent of Public Instruction) has pushed and allowed this type of indoctrination in our schools and we cannot allow this any further.

I am asking the State Board of Education to revoke his teaching certificate. He has violated the law and said openly that he wants to indoctrinate our kids rather than provide them the academic background that they need to be successful in life.


As Secretary Walters correctly says in closing, “This isn’t a right or left issue. It’s about protecting our kids and ensuring that they have an education that allows them to be successful without political indoctrination.”


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