BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell Receives 20-Year Prison Sentence

Ghislaine Maxwell, the former associate and longtime companion of the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has now learned her fate in the federal prosecution case against her.


NY Post:

Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 (sic) in prison Tuesday for her role in helping powerful pedophile Jeffrey Epstein abuse young girls, capping off a dramatic fall from grace for the British socialite turned-convicted sex-trafficker.

US District Judge Alison Nathan said the sentence of 240 months was “sufficient and no graver than necessary,” for Maxwell, who earlier addressed the court and told her victims, “I am sorry for the pain that you experienced.”

“I hope my conviction and harsh incarceration brings you pleasure,” said Maxwell, wearing blue jail scrubs, her dark brown locks cut in a bob.

According to AP/WNYW:

The government had asked for a sentence of 30-55 years in prison. A sentencing memorandum by federal prosecutors asked the judge in her sexual abuse case to sentence her to the maximum punishment allowed under the guidelines due to her years-long participation in the extensive child sexual exploitation scheme.

Lawyers for Maxwell, 60, had asked the judge for leniency, among other things, citing the conditions that she has lived inside the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York City.


The AP/WNYW report continued:

Prosecutors previously said that Ghislaine Maxwell has shown no remorse and not even hinted at any acceptance of responsibility for her role in the abuse.

In addressing the judge on Tuesday, Maxwell said that it was hard for her to talk to the court after hearing the statements that had come from the victims.

As this is breaking news, RedState will provide further updates as detail become available.


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