George Takei Keeps Flailing With Weak Attack on Dave Chappelle

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The hits just keep on coming from “Sulu,” I mean, former “Star Trek” actor and rabid, lefty activist George Takei, who apparently uses his social media in a vain attempt to keep himself relevant.


Takei was on a really idiotic roll this week, after his juvenile diss of Shatner — whom RedState reported would make history as the oldest man (or woman) to go to space at age 90 — fizzled. It’s not even worth putting in this article, it’s so lame. If you’re curious, our sister site Twitchy had the blowback on Takei over that.

But, he wasn’t done embarrassing himself. He found time to weigh in on the feds’ attack on parents at school board meetings, when they’re just trying to keep their kids safe from sexual assault and indoctrination about Critical Race Theory…

and on Kyrsten Sinema and the bloated, Build Back Better deal Biden and the progressives are trying (unsuccessfully) to muscle into law:

Yeah, let’s trust the methodology of an polling outfit called “Data For Progress.”


And Takei just had to find a wrongheaded, ignorant take on our nation’s transportation secretary not showing up to work for months… during a major transportation crisis:

But I want to highlight this one. He’s now tried to attack Dave Chappelle over the Netflix nontroversy.

I have some bad news for George. It’s so much of a controversy, as his tweet even notes, that Netflix is staying the course and not taking down the special. And he would know how pathetic his statement was, if he’d ever bothered to watch the special or any of Chappelle’s routines. Like Richard Pryor or Mel Brooks or Eddie Murphy or Norm Macdonald before him, the comedian definitely brings up topics that most everyday people don’t or won’t talk about. These are not “attacks.” They’re observations about the human condition. And here’s a little secret: Human beings and how they act are funny. All of these gentlemen (and some ladies, like Roseanne Barr) have no problem with turning that comedic magnifying glass on themselves, when it’s warranted.


But you aren’t allowed to say that out loud as a progressive. You aren’t allowed to see that people are different or think differently. That’s “hate speech,” “bigoted,” “transphobic.” What an awful, depressing existence it must be, to not be able to laugh at others — and, perhaps more importantly, at yourself.


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