Trump Jr Ridicules the 'Braindead' Left, When 'Vax to Vote' Starts Trending

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Someone claiming to represent a Democrat Super PAC on social media was all excited that they caused an awesome burn by proxy on the most hated “Orange Man Bad,” Donald Trump, when they managed to make a hashtag start trending this weekend that his son Donald Trump Jr. came up with.

Advertisement” tweeted out triumphantly to their nearly 325,000 Twitters followers:

Raise your hand if you agree with Don jr on the #VaxToVote Raised back of hand

But there’s bad news for the leftist and the lemmings who jumped over the cliff on #VaxToVote Saturday afternoon — Trump Jr. meant it as sarcasm.

He ridiculed them in a thread to his 6.9 million followers:

Libs with a hilarious self-own trending #VaxToVote.

After years of crying about voter ID as a supposedly “racist” restriction on voting rights, the left is now un-ironically calling for vax cards to be required to vote…You know, an ACTUAL restriction on voting rights.

As he added, it was “obviously” meant as a joke:

I make a joke about an obviously crazy idea to highlight the hypocrisy of the left, but these authoritarian libs are so unhinged and braindead, that they of course think #VaxToVote is a good idea. You can’t make this sh*t up! 🤣


There’s a bright, dividing line between the Left and the Right… and it’s for a reason. Anyone with even a modicum of reality reading Trump Jr.’s tweet will immediately see that the idea is not meant to be taken up and implemented. But what we are dealing with on the other side of the aisle (and sadly, some within the GOP establishment ranks, as RedState wrote about here and here in recent days), are people who haven’t met a bad idea they couldn’t support. This is expected from progressives, who hate our country and want the institutions like legal voting to burn to the ground, like Rep. Clyburn, having the gall to call out requiring legitimate voter IDs “racist” on a daily basis. For our Never Trump friends, though, there is no real excuse but that they love them some Beltway cocktails.

The fact is, when the Schumers and Pelosis and Romneys and Cheneys lay their heads down on their cool, smooth pillowcases at night, they rest easy knowing they’ve done everything they can to devalue and attack everything Trump did as President of the United States. What a pathetic existence that must be, to have no discernable spine and hold no values at all. But, that’s something they must reckon with in God’s time, I suppose.

Much like “The Princess Bride’s” Inigo Montoya responding, “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means,” after enduring Vizzini’s constant imperative “Inconceivable!” we must conclude that the Left and their quisling allies in Never Trump Land are no more aware of what they are saying most of the time.


Enjoy this (literal) mash-up, via Hot Potato


UPDATE [9:56 p.m. EDT, 7/31/21]: The leftist PAC account has doubled-down on stupid, and is now touting the hashtag #JrIsAnIdiot.

As Trump Jr. said, you can’t make this stuff up. It is not inconceivable, in any way:


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