Babylon Bee Nails Disney to the Wall on Their Woke Warning Label for "The Muppet Show"

(Eric McCandless/ABC via AP)

The woke crowd is at it again, folks, by warning us that something entertaining from the past might hurt someone’s feelings.

Astute readers are aware this is not a new phenomenon, with HBO Max putting a content warning in front of the classic film “Gone With The Wind” on its streaming service last summer, which I wrote about, and my colleague Alex Parker wrote about the streaming service tacking on a three-minute monologue by a college professor and a disclaimer for Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles.”


Now, the brilliant minds over at the Babylon Bee have taken aim at Disney Plus for the latest, similar wokeness labeling — and as usual, they nailed them to the wall.

In case you haven’t heard the details, Vodkapundit at our sister site PJ Media wrote in a recent VIP piece,

Disney just slapped the “offensive content” label on… The Muppet Show?

The Daily Mail reports that Disney has done more than put a warning label on the classic family TV show: It now takes an adult account just to watch it.

That’s right — “The Muppet Show” might offend people.

In a piece titled “Disney Warns Viewers That The Muppet Show Is From A Different Era When Comedy Was Culturally Acceptable,” the Bee expertly satirizes the studio’s new labels in front of the completely innocuous, ’80s TV show (I encourage you to read the whole thing at the Bee’s homepage.)

The piece includes the full wording of this “warning label,” as well as a description of other changes viewers can expect in their streaming experience:

“This show was made during a different era, when comedy was more culturally acceptable,” reads the warning displayed on the Disney+ page for the show. “It does not reflect our modern values.”

Viewers that then proceed to watch the program will find the show is interrupted with a pop-up every five minutes that reads, “It looks like you are still watching a problematic show that contains actual humor. Would you like to do better?”


In another bit, the publication drops a subtle jab about Disney’s firing of “The Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano, which RedState writers covered extensively in January.

The Mandalorian is also going to receive a warning, since old episodes of the show featured a free-thinking woman….”

The timing of the Bee piece couldn’t have been luckier, with Carano’s story becoming newsworthy again after the actress sat down for an exclusive interview with the Daily Wire this week — where she signed on to work with their film studio after Disney dropped her. Conservatives can only nod their heads in recognition, as the actress exposes the fact that she wasn’t the only conservative who’s been bullied at Disney. She certainly won’t be the last, either.


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